The question–answer relationship (QAR) strategy help students know the different types of questions. By discovering that the answers to some inquiries are "Right There" in the text, that part answers need a leader to "Think and also Search," and also that part answers can only be membalas "On my Own," students recognize that lock must very first consider the question sebelum developing an answer.

Anda sedang menonton: Read the following text and answer the questions for number 1 to 5

When to use: sebelum reading during reading after ~ reading
How to use: Individually With kecil groups Whole class setting

Why usage question–answer relationship?

It have the right to improve students" analysis comprehension.It teaches students exactly how to ask concerns about milik mereka reading and where to uncover the answers come them.It help students to think about the text they room reading and beyond it, too.It inspires them come think creatively and also work cooperatively while challenging them to usage higher-level thinking skills.

How to usage question–answer relationship

1. Explain to students the there room four types of inquiries they will certainly encounter. Mendefinisikan each kind of question and provide an example.

Four types of questions are check in the QAR:

Right there Questions: Literal inquiries whose answers have the right to be discovered in the text. Regularly the words tangan kedua in the pertanyaan are the same words uncovered in the text.Think and search Questions: Answers space gathered indigenous several parts of the text and also put bersama to make meaning.Author and You: These questions are based on information listed in the text but the student is compelled to relate that to milik mereka own experience. Return the answer melakukan not lie directly in the text, the college student must have read it in order to answer the question.On my Own: this questions perform not require the student to have actually read the passage but he/she should use milik mereka background or prior pengetahuan to prize the question.

2. Check out a short passage great to her students.

3. Have actually predetermined inquiries you will ask ~ you protect against reading. When you have finished reading, review the inquiries aloud come students and model exactly how you decision which kind of pertanyaan you have been asked to answer.

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4. Show students how uncover information come answer the pertanyaan (i.e., in the text, indigenous your own experiences, etc.).