The Whites, who are on a run of 11 succeeding wins since 25 October,will be hoping to extend milik mereka streak (6:00pm CET).

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This evening seesReal Madrid head into Euroleague match day facing one the the tournament's paling difficult far days, a expedition to CSKA Moscow. The whites have menang their terakhir 11 gamings in a row, five of castle in this competition, a operation which started kembali on October 25 with victory over Movistar Estudiantes. It's a clash that the titans in ~ the Megasport Arena between the two most decorated groups on the continent, v 18 europe Cups between them.It's pretty neck-and-neck in between the madridistas and the Muscovites so much this campaign. They're be separated by a single win - 6 for the former and also seven for the latter, while they've both won milik mereka last lima in a row.Real madrid got the much better of Bayern Munich, Zalgiris, KK Crvena zvezda, Maccabi and Fenerbahçe, ketika CSKA Moscow came out on top versus Valencia Basket, Panathinaikos, Baskonia, Zalgiris and Bayern Munich. Two historical clubs, the terakhir two Euroleague champions, and both hope to extend anda winning run in the present campaign.

That same setara is reflect on court, too. Real madrid and CSKA Moscow share similar offensive stats, with the Russian next slightly ahead (83-point averageto 81.5). The whites boast superior 2-point numbers while their rivals room stronger indigenous three.But among the an essential elements of the video game surely lies in defense,and that's precisely whereLaso'sboys room on hot form. They're conceding hanya 78.7 point out on average, two less than the hosts,while that karakter falls to 75.2 in anda last lima wins.Two great squadsItoudis' next are finely balanced all throughout the court. Mike James (18.6) and Clyburn (16.4) space the main fokal points in violation for a team the likes to press forward with lima in attack. Hilliard and also Hackett space dangerous from the three-point line, while Shengelia and also Milutinov administer versatility and power top top the inside rebound. They contrast with a Real madrid side in i m sorry everyone deserve to step up and take control, v Carroll, Llull, Thompkins and also Tavares averaging an ext than 10 points per game.

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Going because that a 100% document in NovemberReal Madrid will be aiming to tanda tangan a spectacular moment of membentuk with a prosper - with sebelas consecutive victories of which eight have remained in November. If the whites beat CSKA Moscow, in enhancement to their 300th EuroLeague win, they would certainly make it a 100% document for the month. The historic rivalry between the Whites and also the Muscovites will start a new bab this evening at the Megasport Arena.