Real madrid welcome in Borussia Dortmund top top Tuesday for maafkan saya will be the enhance to watch in this week"s Champions organization action.

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Following a 4-1 loss in Germany, madrid will require a historical comeback in bespeak to do the final in London. Unlike anda Spanish counterparts, Barcelona, Real madrid managed come score apa could be a vital away goal. A comeback isn"t impossible, yet it"s very unlikely.

Dortmund have wowed also neutral fans for the past three seasons. The society has developed through its youth system to conquer the Bundesliga the previous 2 seasons.

This is juga a matchup of 2 of Europe"s finest managers: Jose Mourinho of madrid and Jurgen Klopp that Dortmund. It"s always entertaining to view who will certainly outfox whom when two talented supervisors clash.

Here is whatever you need to understand for this enormous Champions league clash.

Where: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, Spain

When: Tuesday, April 30, at 2:45 p.m. ET


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What"s at Stake

Matches don"t acquire much an ext important than this. A place in the champions League final is top top the line.

Down three goals, madrid have to overturn a massive deficit. The one far goal mungkin prove an essential should Los Blancos execute a historical comeback. They"d need a scoreline the at the very least 3-0 to have the ability to make it come Wembley. To win a 10th European judul has ini adalah an obsession for real Madrid. Any tahun they fail come conquer europe is a failure no matter just how well they perform in La Liga.

Dortmund will be looking come make dari mereka first Champions league final dari winning the title in the 1996-97 season. It"s the just time in the club"s history it has reached the summit of european football.

In kapak of the larger picture, this bisa signal a transforming of the security for the time being in society football. For so long spanyol had a strangle organize on both league and international football. We mungkin be looking in ~ an all-German final, should Dortmund and Bayern Munich prevail in the semifinals. This would certainly be large for german football

What They"re Saying

Although you wouldn"t intend him to already wave the putih flag, madrid centre-back Ricardo Carvalho is confident the his team is no too far gone. Although, he tahu it"s going to untuk mengambil a performance much better than the one terakhir week (h/t Shane Callaghan of

"We have to bermain at the tingkat that us can and also we know that we have the right to score sasaran because we have actually top quality players, and also we’ll juga have to defend well," the defender called the club"s secara resmi website. "It will certainly be complicated because they have actually very great players and can score goals, however we have the right to score 3 goals."We recognize how crucial it is for us and also the club and we will give whatever on the pitch on Tuesday. ~ above Tuesday we have to bermain with much more intensity. Us did not bermain well, we did not play as a team and also we menjadi not at the level we can permainan at, yet on Tuesday we have actually to shot to win."

After Mario Gotze"s mengalihkan to Bayern Munich to be leaked terakhir week, Dortmund had actually to attend to the subsequent media cover and also supporter outrage that Gotze would relocate to Bayern. Now, though, it"s Dortmund"s adversaries who should deal with included an distraction, this entailing Mourinho"s return to Chelsea. It"s a isu Klopp claims he had no component in dispersing (h/t Shane Callaghan of

"It is one absolutely ridiculous story," that told reporters. "I tidak pernah told anyone that Mourinho is going to Chelsea or lagi club. I"m no a orang who does things prefer that. "I heard this cerita before our game with Fortuna and I have to admit ns was very sad and also angry due to the fact that it is fully false."It is a consisted of story. Mourinho is a colleague and also a friend and also I would tidak pernah mess about in sebagai a manner."

Real madrid Player come Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo

This is the low-hanging fruit, yet if madrid are to acquire a win, that will virtually certainly be on the kembali of Ronaldo. He scored Los Blancos" lone score in the very first leg, albeit that was much more the result of a mistake by mats Hummels.

Madrid should get milik mereka counter firing on all cylinders. The greatest reason the club is therefore lethal ~ above the counter attack is because it has a player favor Ronaldo on the wing.

He was the end for Madrid"s 2-1 victory over rivals Atletico madrid in the organization over the weekend. In the an initial leg of the semifinal, Ronaldo reportedly suffered a thigh muscle injury. He has actually been considered fit, though, for the second leg (h/t reuters via Yahoo! Sports).

Borussia Dortmund Player to Watch: roman Weidenfeller

It"s tough to envision Dortmund will have the ability to keep madrid out that the goal for 90 minutes. Los Blancos will certainly be throwing every little thing they"ve gained in order to get bagian belakang into the tie. A three-goal defisiensi atau cacat means the society can"t really afford to wait around and pick its spots.

That means Roman Weidenfeller will have to be in ~ his best.

He was referred to as upon at waktu in the an initial leg, however he only faced four shots on goal. Weidenfeller will certainly be experiment a lot an ext in the 2nd leg.

The key will it is in to prevent very early goal. The longer the match goes, the harder and harder it will be for madrid to come back.


Don"t intend the excited of the very first leg. Well, if you"re a madrid supporter anything will be much more exciting because that the first leg.

Dortmund have the right to afford come sit kembali a little more and let madrid come come them. The Germans can"t allow Real madrid get the end on the respond to attack. That"s when Los Blancos are their paling lethal. Klopp will be identify to view that no happen.

The an outcome was a draw when these clubs met previously in the season in ~ the Bernabeu, therefore Dortmund room not walking to be intimidated by the atmosphere.

Madrid will certainly be forced to go out on the assault in the 2nd leg. They have actually too much attacking talent to think they will certainly be retained off the score sheet. Plus, Mourinho is a tactical maestro, therefore he"ll have a rencana devised regarding how to ideal break Dortmund down.

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Los Blancos will certainly net a couple, yet they surrender a critical away goal the will ambil them the end of the tie for good.