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Is a resume the very same as a Curriculum Vitae or CV? 

Short answer is no—they"re not the same. Every is used for applying to different tipe of jobs. Also, in variasi countries formatting and also best practices differ.

Anda sedang menonton: Resume dan cv apa bedanya

What is the difference in between a cv and a resume? i beg your pardon is finest for her situation? (graphic source)

What is the difference between a CV and a Resume? 

A Curriculum Vitae is longer and much more details 보다 a resume. In europe and bagian of Asia, the terms resume and CV refer to the very same document. Granted, the resumes or CVs they use look a tad berbeda from apa is traditional in the U.S. Even in the united state though, CVs are tangan kedua in academia and the sciences, so in those fields they room a popular different to the standard resume. 

CVs are multiple pages long and used to information your entire scholastic and work history. Whereas, a resume is a shorter form document and used for details job targeting. The two formulir are quite unique.

In this substantial guide come CV vs Resume, discover much more details on what a CV is and how it different from a resume. Also, acquire step by step instructions on how to make a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and customize the to her field, specialty, and country.

What"s far better between a CV versus Resume? The price lies in your goals. Your bidang of expertise. Also, whereby you"re applying. Dig into this guide to find out more.

Definition the Terms: CV vs Resume

What is a resume? In the U.S., resumes describe a one or twopage record applicants tailor for every job application. A great resume convincesa recruiter come interview you.

What is a CV? Curriculum Vitae or CV method ‘course the life’ in Latin. An excellent resumesare succinct, however CVs have the right to span tahun or much more pages, offering a thorough account ofthe applicant’s work history, academic achievements, honours, publications, andmore.

Dr. Dani Babb ofThe Babb group Inc., a agency writing CVs because that academics says,

“The CVs we obtain the bestresponse to room rich in details. Some interviewers ask ours clients, ‘Tell meabout yourself, due to the fact that I know whatever I need to know about your job-related afterreading her CV.’ That’s once we did our job well.”

CVs room often referred to as living documents because they’reupdated together you publish much more papers, job-related in more jobs, attend much more conferences,and master much more skills. Uneven resumes, a CV no customized every jobapplication. Instead, a different cover letter details the most relevant job-related orachievements.

Europass CVis the encourage resume layout of the european Union to membantu everyonecommunicate milik mereka professional value in a transparent and also consistent manneracross the continent. I’ll go into an ext details about this CV layout in thecomparison below.

Detailed Comparison: CV vs Resume


What is a CV?

What is a Resume?


To offer a comprehensive account the your skilled work history, in and out the school. 

Paints a brief and catchy picture of her career that helps you stand out among othercandidates.


Not tailored perjob application

Updated when youpublish a new paper, attend or hold a conference, work in a brand-new job, earn acertificate, and more.


Applicants customize anda work history, skills, and certifications, v keywords indigenous the tujuan job ad.

If you move to a berbeda industry, some of your work and skills may be omitted to give room for what’s relevant.

Resume writers juga suggest omitting project titles telah terorganisir ten or so years ago, particularly if they’re no longer relevant to her career goals. It also prevents ageism.

Formatting or Layout

Formal and logical style without unnecessary graphics and color. Check out this collection of skilled looking templates.

Chronological work background includes at the very least the month and tahun

Customized for karier that value creativity.

You have the right to use unique resume templates to showcase her style and also stand out versus applicants with plain resumes.

Emphasizes notable accomplishments instead of the paling recent ones.

Note: complete dates aren’t compelled in practical resumes.

Basic Parts

Inclusions vary per industry, however in general these are the components you have the right to expect, in no chronological order:

Name and contact informationEducation (often listed before work history)Professional history, sometimes detailed on a per job or researchbasis. For itu in academia, this is frequently labeled together “Academic/Teaching Experience.”Specialized or secara teknis skillsAwards and honorsPresentations PublicationsGrants and also fundingResearch interestsConferences attended or facilitatedLicensure and certificationProfessional organizations and affiliationsConsultingReferences
Optional Sections:Pro bono workForeign language spokenMedia mentionsFresh graduates don’t usage all these subheadings on their CV.
Writing a resume is easier compared to composing a CV due to the fact that it has actually fewer sections:Name and also contact informationSummary statementWork history, sometimes consists of volunteer workSkillsEducation, including seminars attended and licenses, if any Optional sections:
PortfolioHobbies or personalinterestsReferences or testimonials

Level the Detail

Comprehensive, includes everything around your work, education, and parts of your an individual life.

Concise. Think of it together a teaser, expected to provide the recruiter a preview of your skills, therefore they’ll it is in curious to interview you.

Note: You’ll have actually a possibility to discuss the rest of your skilled merits throughout the interview.


A CV for a fresh graduate with an MBA but tiny to no job-related experience generally has five or six pages.

A skilled with a PhD, released papers, and also a decent tenure in the workforce can have a CV extending 10 or an ext pages. 

One halaman is ideal, yet two pages max.

Personal details Listed

European and Asian CVs sometimes have an individual information listed, sebagai as:

Marital statusAge (common inAsian and also European CVs)Nationality (commonin europe CVs)Date of birth(common in Asian and European CVs)GenderReligion (oftenfound in Philippine CVs)HobbiesNumber that children 

In south Africa, applicants are compelled to list anda ID number on the CV come clarify dari mereka affirmative merencanakan status.

Nationality is often component of europe CVs yet it’s optional. Some specialists say it’s used to check the applicant is native a negara that is part the the E.U., which method they’re eligible to work-related in details countries.

The Equality act 2010 and similar legislation safeguard job applicants in UK indigenous discrimination, so nationality and race aren’t forced in anda resume. Instead, plenty of online application forms have a check box to confirm your eligibility to occupational there.

In countless resumes, just the phone, email, and LinkedIn account the the applicant are listed. 

U.S. Job don’t have a legal appropriate to recognize your marital statusnya and religion. They will only ask because that your period if the neighborhood or persatuan government requires it for a details job.

Foreign Languages

While not required for all CVs, foreign language is part of the Europass document package, particularly the ‘language passport.’

It’s a self-assessed ar of the Europass paper detailing the native and second or 3rd languages you speak, including your kadarnya of capability in each. This is a link to the self-assessment guide.

Included in the skills section the a resume.

If you telah mengambil a certification, prefer Berlitz, you can list the as part of your education.



Some CVs in eropa include a picture, however it’s no in the E.U. Administration’s Europass CV format.

For instance, in France and also Germany, recruiters suppose a experienced looking headshot. The exact same is intended in many oriental countries, kemudian as Japan and the Philippines.

Pictures aren’t attached in UK resumes.

Doesn’t include a picture, unless you’re applying for a modeling or exhilaration job. In the case, her resume will certainly be attached or printed on the kembali of an 8” x 10” close increase picture.

Printing Dimensions

European CVs are published on A4 document measuring 8.27 x 11.69 inches. American CVs, however, are published on ‘letter paper’.

US resumes are printed in an 8.5 x 11 inch ‘letter paper.’ A4 record is recommended for resumes in part places.

References and also Testimonials

References are required from previous professors or managers. It’s generally at the end of the CV, unless the job ad dictates girlfriend send a CV and a perform of references, in which instance you need to incorporate a different file.

References include:

full nameJob titleCompany,university, or combination nameWork addressWork call numberEmail address

References are not listed. Yet some resumes have a testimonial.

Vital details to incorporate in an essential Sections of her CV

I had this ar to give you a better understandingof how to analyze your experienced merits under the different subheadings ofa CV.

1. Research

This deserve to be had as a independent heading, or under yourwork history.

What to Include:Summary that the research and also its goalsNames of lead researchers and also collaboratorsMethodology usedResults, or wherein it’s going if it’s still in progressSoft an abilities developed in the research: team management,problem solving, communicationPublications and also citations – Where room your researchfindings released or mentioned?Different Phrases that Convey Your research Skills:Conceptualized the problemLead a team of 3 in planning and researching the projectAbility to test hypothesis against berbeda theories andmethodologiesSelected the correct method in identify the keyobjectives the the researchGathered and interpreted data

Thesnippet above shows research study experience, consisting of the applicant’s position,institution that funded or funded the research, a short summary, and list ofrelated achievements.

2. Teaching

It includesboth payment and liberty (unpaid) positions, and crucial section because that academic,research, and scientific fields. If you didn’t spend lot time in theclassroom, hanya incorporate that as part of your expert history. 

What to Include:The kadarnya of students you taughtor supervised: undergraduate, post-graduate and their batch year.Teaching products or curriculumcreated, even if you just collaborated or assisted someone. Experience in organizing fieldwork, including the subject, the field work’s goal, and a quick description ofthe activityLab supervision experience,including teknis skills mastered, equipment used, and tingkat of studentssupervisedExperience in guiding college student intheir theses or dissertationClassroom teaching or assistingexperience, including the subject taughtGrading and evaluation techniquesyou’re familiar withLectures deliveredExperience in tutoring studentsDifferent Phrases the Convey your Teaching Skills:Supervised students completingtheir theses (or dissertation) top top (subject)Member that the team that developedthe curriculum because that (subject)Coordinated circulation of brand-new (title) policy across the universitySupervised faculty and also teachingassistants for college that (subject or course)Represented (University orInstitution’s name) in ~ (seminar or conference name)

3. Administration

An important component of the skills section of your CV is to showcase your organizational and also management skills, which aresorely necessary in scholastic and research jobs.

What come Include:Participation in institution boards andcommittees, also as one undergraduate in a student association.Experience in plan schoolevents and conferencesRunning a lectureAssessing student exams and also relatedpaperworkExperience together an test proctor orfacilitatorChecking or fact-validation ofother people’s researchContribution in creating researchproposalsExperience in leading a team ofresearchersManaging minimal resources because that aresearch project

4. Publications and also Presentations

Publications encompass journalarticles, released research, books or chapters, patents, and also reports.Presentations are events where you’re a speaker, guest lecturer, orpanelist.

What to Include:Name the the newspaper or magazine youare published inComplete titleComplete list of authorsPublication date
List of gift from a student taking an MA in history, native Michella Chiu, Admissions Consultant and also Chief Language advisor at PROFEDVICENotes:If you’re hanya one that the authorsfor a released material, list all the name of the authors then highlight yourname in bold. Pending publications might beincluded as lengthy as you declare it as such. The paragraph ‘in press’ or ‘forthcoming’are tangan kedua instead of the publishing date.You deserve to list publications in twoways, follow to date, or the kind of publication—whether the a journalarticle, book, or research study paper. Gift for kecil groups maybe included, as long as it’s appropriate to your daerah and the audience size is ampleenough to justify inclusion.Write publication in reversechronological order.
List of researchers, publications and abstracts whereby the author’s name is in bold, from The Career facility of The university of Washington

5. Qualifications and Certifications

This contains any form ofcertification, licensure, or expert qualification compelled or valued inyour industry.

Examples:Medical state licenseTest of bahasa inggris as a ForeignLanguage (TOEFL)Teaching license

6. Conferences and also Courses Attended

List of conferences, seminars, andprofessional perkembangan courses girlfriend attended.

What to Include:Event nameEvent day (year)Note whether you aided organizethe event, or participated in any kind of way

7. Capital

Includes scholarships, grants,bursaries, fellowships, or any kind of funds you dulu awarded for work,conferences, and also research projects.

What come Include:Name that awarding institutionAmount date givenHow the funds were usedYour function in securing claimed fundingUndergraduate prizes or accumulation won

List all the memberships you organize for industri associationsand academic or school connected groups.

What to Include:

Name that organizationPosition in said organization, if any

How carry out You understand When to use Each Format?

CV matches Resume: which one execute you need to obtain hired? (graphic source)

The file you use is greatly dictated by yourindustry’s usual practices.

It’s when you go abroad that things obtain a tiny tricky,as some nations use ‘resume’ whenthey’re actually referring come a CV.

In general, use a resume as soon as you’re applying for paling jobsin the U.S. And also Canada, other than for academic, research, and clinical work. Thosein the an innovative profession might prefer penampilan a investment portfolio to display tangible proofof dari mereka work.

For an ext information, inspect out these Tuts+ guides for making professional resumes:

What is a CV and When have to I usage One?

Specific industries That require the use of a CV

Uses the CVs are not restricted to this industries, but it’swhere this document is frequently expected in job applications.

What Is a Curriculum Vitae used for in Academia?

CVs room popular amongst academics, specifically professors andgraduate students, together they are constantly learning and publishing brand-new works.

“Publish or perish”is a well-known motto among many graduate students. One applicant’s mageri ofpublished—and well received—articles and also books signal competency, and validatetheir occupational in milik mereka respective fields.

Dr. Babb states thereare two an ext CV sections specific to academia:

1. To teach Philosophy:

Babb claims your teaching philosophy, “explains why you desire toteach and how girlfriend go around doing it.”

It describes your passion for teaching, preferredmethodology, and also evidence the the value you administer as one educator.

Below is an excerpt of aTeaching philosophy from Dr. Babb:

Professional mentor and coach, i have efficiently servedstudents in plenty of capacities, including faculty mentor, dissertation andcomprehensive examination committee member. I have actually a solid background andfirm understanding of the process required come develop program objectives andmap course curriculum to achieve desired college student outcomes, and also have put thisinto practice as a course developer and review committee member. My goal is to helpstudents watch the applicability of food room goals in dari mereka own lives andcareers and also foster a classroom where an important thinking, professionalism andsharing is the norm. My belief that every learner has a unique cerita andprofessional sasaran that education can help them attain drives mine desireto interact with students and model expert practices.

The example above explains the candidate’s to teach styleand methodology, while providing a an overview of the educator’s teachingexperience in berbeda subjects and capacities.

2. Discovering Management system (LMS) Experience:

Refers come a “platformthat digital learners and also educators use to conduct a class,” says Dr. Babb. It’swhat countless schools usage to facilitate remote learning and also open finding out courses.Moodle, Edmodo, and also Blackboard are instances of renowned LMS. 

Example the Teaching suffer indicating LMS platform used, and also a brief course summary from Dr. Babb. University name and also course names were removed because that privacy.

What Is a CV tangan kedua for in different Research Jobs?

Researchers occupational both in universities and differentindustries through exclusive or federal government funded projects. But dari mereka CVs willemphasize their research an abilities and results rather of class experience.

Emphasizing ResearchSkills, the right Way

Realize the the HR manager or recruiter first assigned toweed out CVs from study applicants might not understand enough about the sciences—oryour specific field. They’re provided a set of keywords come look for—skills, tools,or courses—to gauge whether an applicant meets dari mereka primary requirements.

Listing the tasks you functioned on, details top top the speciesand theories you tested, and your results is just the start of a good CV. Itshould juga include the research methods, tools, techniques, and other industryrelated skills you have.

Avoid writing around the minute study details, for this reason youdon’t sacrifice an are for the keywords recruiters and also Applicant Tracking System(ATS) look for. Learn an ext about the finest format to usage for ATS systems.

What is a Curriculum Vitae used for in medical Jobs?

For clinical researcher or non-practicing medical jobs,your activities skills, peer-reviewed articles, and presentations matter more.

But the emphasis shifts on your licenses, clinical experience,and certifications once you’re applying to be a physician. Hiring hospitals andclinics want to understand if you have applicable skills, external the ivory tower.

For resident physicians, surgeons, basic practitioners, andother medical professionals, her publications and also other research occupational arebetter suitable at the end of your CV, or together a separate record so the doesn’t acquire inthe method of your patent information and clinical experience.

For work experience, list your internships, residency, andother suffer in clinical practice. 

Include the Following:

Areas that specialty for allpositions heldFacility: was it a stand-aloneclinic, ER, or hospital network?The facility’s locationStart and end dates

If you’re quiet in residency, hanya include the day youstarted and also when you mean to finish it. 

Example of expert Experience for an Ophthalmologist

Then list certifications and university degrees in differentsections. Incorporate your license number, the month and tahun you received it, andits renewal date. Don’t forget to perform qualifications for your subspecialties.For example, an Ob-Gyn’s might be trained in both Obstetrics and Gynecology, andMaternal/Fetal Medicine. 

Example that a physician’s CV – licensures and also certifications, from the American akademi of Neurology

Undergraduate levels can juga be included, yet only theGPA, dates, and majors. Provide a an introduction of the course just if it’s associated tomedicine.

After your licenses and education, that a great idea come summarizeyour an abilities into two categories, kemudian as medical and also management, so recruiterscan easily see maafkan saya you deserve to do there is no slogging through a lengthy CV.

Include expert affiliations, scholastic awards, teachingexperience, and also publications only after did you do it enumerated your value in aclinical setting.

Specific Situations

What Is a CV tangan kedua for in Fellowship Applications?

Professional organizations, favor the Mildred S. Friedman design Fellowship and also KPCB Design and Engineering Fellows, andgraduate offices of different universities organize fellowship programs forstudents and professionals in milik mereka industry. Since these program sponsorparticipants because that a couple of months—to a year—just to emphasis on anda professionalgrowth, the selection procedure is competitive.

Application needs vary every fellowship program, but ingeneral applicants send the following: 

Letter of interest explainingtheir factor for authorized the fellowship, and why they think they deserve to beacceptedTheir curriculum vitaeAt least two letters ofrecommendations from previous professors, industri professionals, or worksupervisors. 

What is a CV digunakan for in Immigration?

Immigration lawyers occasionally ask clients to prepare a CV toprovide evidence of dari mereka professional history and working capacity. It’s notrequired yet it’s a great way to display an applicant possess the skills needed tofind a great job after emigration.

According to Chiu, who juga works in ~ an immigration lawfirm, these space the teams that may be asked for to administer a CV whenmigrating:

CVs for immigration functions have more personal informationbecause they require your date of birth, nationality, mageri of dependents, andmarital statusnya to confirm your identity, and eligibility because that a visa.

CV use in certain Countries: E.U. And bagian of Asia

Resume and CV refers to the same paper in Europe, partsof Africa, Australia, and also many oriental countries, kemudian as Japan, Singapore, andPhilippines.

In Europe, there space slight differences for CVs in differentcountries come reflect the country’s customs and HR standards.

In Germany, CV’s list an individual details and pendidikan first,before work history. Hobbies and personal interests are juga included.

Unless you fluent in German, having actually your CV translatedinto a “Lebenslauf” or a german CV,is a poor idea. The interviewer can assume girlfriend speak the language fluently,and conduct her interview in German.

You can still make your resume feel regional with a simplecompromise: use the jerman translation for her CV’s subheadings. 

“Personal data: Persönliche Angaben Work experience:BerufserfahrungEducation: AusbildungSkills’ and also extracurricular activities: Qualifikationenund KenntnisseHobbies and personal interests: PrivateInteressen”

In France, it’s common for setiap orang to write milik mereka surname before anda first name on formal files like CVs. Some french nationalshave surnames that seem like very first names. To protect against awkward situations, applicantswrite dari mereka surname on all caps followed by dari mereka first name, for instance,“MARTIN, Richard.”

The Europasshelps applicants execute away v these tiny differences. This paper is acceptedby employers operation in nations that belong to the E.U., and consists offive parts:

Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV)Language Passport

It’seasy to membuat a Europass CV and cover letter, hanya fill out the onlinetemplate here.The mobility, certificate and also diploma supplements room issued by authorizedschools and mendidik centers, and also is tackled by nationwide Europass Centres transparent Europe.

InFrance, together in paling of Europe, the edukatif system is berbeda from the U.S.and Canada therefore you’ll require to discover the identical of her degrees and also GPAs in their system. For circumstances a class of A+ in the UStranslates to ‘mention très honorable’. Usage thewebsite international Credits to interpret your GPAs and other credentials.

What Is a Curriculum Vitae in parts of Asia

InJapan, a CV contains a skilled looking photo, sometimes a passport photo.The timeless "Rirekisho"or Japanese CV is handwritten in hitam ink v no corrections, together traditionalJapanese employers believe handwriting provides them an insight into a candidate’spersonality and also work ethic. It juga shows her dedication come the jobapplication process.

Traditiondictates the membentuk shouldn’t be folded; it need to be put inside an A4 or B5envelope instead.

Applicantsin Japan are tambahan expected to list an emergency contact person, and milik mereka reasons for leaving a previousemployer. Most applicants, however, hanya write “isshinjouu no tsugou ni yori Taisha,” which equates to “I left for an individual reasons." 

Inthe Philippines,applicants often include their graduation photo; bersama with a very detailedpersonal data ar that frequently include their parents name, weight, height,and religion. Part applicants also include milik mereka tax identification sourse andsocial protection number. Not all applicants include all this info butit’s still typical among itu applying because that local and provincial employment. 

Excerpt the a CV native the Philippines that has height, religion, weight and the applicant’s parent’s name and occupation, uploaded at Scribd

Should You have a CV?

Ifyou’re from any of the nations mentioned above, kemudian yes. Very same goes if youwork in any type of of the industries mentioned.

Butwhat if you occupational in IT, marketing, video clip editing, design, or finance? maafkan saya ifyour task doesn’t put lot value in publications and research work?

TheHR specialists I speak to quiet recommend having actually one, in situation you opportunity upon agreat possibility to occupational abroad, or decide to work di tempat lain one day. It alsohelps if you nothing think that it together a CV you’ll just use when a job applicationrequests one.

Thinkof it as a ‘master resume’ that hasall your details—extensive work-related history, awards, media mentions,extra-curricular activities, an individual information, and also more. Developing your ownCV will provide you a running list of whatever you’ve ever before done together a student andprofessional, for this reason you don’t spend hours thinking of your accomplishments whenapplying for a new job or promotion. 

Now that you know apa is the difference between a cv and also a resume, you deserve to make your"s in the correct format needed. 

For information on how to do a timeless resume, refer to our tertinggi guide top top the subject. Also, jump over to Envato pasar to find an excellent resume design template designs to make a stand out resume architecture quickly.

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Editorial Note: This isi was originally published on September 27, 2016. We"re membagikan it again because our editors have determined that this details is still accurate and relevant.