Being the richest man in Indonesia for number of years in a row that R. Budi Hartono, who is the owner of Djarum team , was born v the penuh name the Robert Budi Hartono on 28 April 1941 in the city of Semarang ,Oei Wie Gwan His father was a small business owner change the name Gramophon Djarum Djarum that later came to be a tobacco firm in the world. Robert Budi Hartono who have Chinese names Oei Hwie dicaatat Tjhong by Forbes Magazine has a properti of 8.5 exchange rate dollars or 82.50 sunshine rupiah and also is the wealthiest man sourse one for number of years in Indonesia and the stimulate of the world"s 131 richest . All started from mr . Oei Wie Gwan which bought a kecil business in the bidang named Djarum clove Gramophon in 1951 dann later readjusted his name to Djarum . Oei began marketing cigarettes dibawah the brand " Djarum " i m sorry turned out to be effective in the market .

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After a fire nearly gutted the company in 1963 , Djarum bagian belakang up and also modernize devices in the manufacturing facility . Robert and also his brothers is Michael Budi Hartono inherited the after his father died . At the time the agency Djarum factory hanya burned and also suffered an unstable problem . But kemudian in the hands of the two brothers Hartono , Djarum company can flourish into a huge corporation . In 1972 began to export the Djarum cigarette products overseas . 3 years later the pasar Djarum Djarum Filter , which created the an initial brand to use the machine , complied with by brand Djarum super was introduced in 1981 . Currently , in the United claims was the tobacco companies have the besar market share . And also in his own native bangsa , Indonesia , Djarum manufacturing reached 48 billion cigarettes per tahun or 20 % of the berbisa national manufacturing . Bersama with its development , this cigarette firm was transformed from a tobacco agency Business group which invests in various sectors . Djarum castle , banned in the united States sejak 2009 bersama with various other cigarettes , as has actually been the launch of Dos Hermanos , a premium cigar tobacco blending Brazil and Indonesia.
Robert Budi Hartono, with Djarum group he leads juga to broaden to numerous sectors consisting of banking , home , agribusiness , electronics and multimedia . Service diversification and also investments made Djarum group is strengthening its Business empire that started in 1951. In the bidang of Agribusiness , Robert and also Michael have actually palm plantation area of ​​65,000 hectares situated in the province of barat Kalimantan in 2008 . Castle move under the umbrella Hartono Plantations in Indonesia , one part of the Djarum group . In the building sector , numerous projects room executed dibawah the control of Djarum "s CEO , R. Budi Hartono , and also the biggest Grand Indonesia is a mega task that ditantangani in 2004 and completed in 2008 . The project includes a hotel ( remodeling of Hotel Indonesia) , to buy centers , office buildings 57 floors and also apartments . Total value of invest 1.3 trillion rupiah .
Globe Asia magazine declared Robert as Indonesia"s richest male with a fortune of 4.2 billion dollars , or around 37.8 sunshine rupiah . In the same year , R. Budi Hartono through his brother , Michael Hartono di bawah the banner that Djarum Group expanded into investment banking sektot . And they ended up being the key shareholder , controls 51 % stake in PT Bank central Asia Tbk ( BCA ) which is one of the largest banks in Indonesia this particular day . Based upon data from bank Indonesia late 2011 BCA asset worth of Rp 380.927 trillion ( 3 hundred eighty suggest nine hundreds twenty seven dollars ) . BCA was officially didirikan on February 21, 1957 as Bank central Asia NV . Much has passed dari the establishing , and perhaps paling significant is the financial dilemm that developed in 1997. And evidence that the existence of Djarum group is a skyscraper in cool Indonesia complex mega project called Menara BCA . Because BCA bank became the key tenant from 2007 come 2035. For this reason the operational atmosphere tergabunglah two service giants Indonesia in the facility of the funding which became noticeable in the business arena keberkuasaan Djarum Indonesia.

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Robert Budi Hartono married a woman called Widowati Hartono or much more familiar with the name Jade Hartono . Through him Widowati Hartono , PT Djarum "s owner had actually three sons that all have graduated . They room Victor Hartono , young name Hartono , and Armand Hartono . On the other hand , Robert Budi Hartono specifically liked the badminton sport that source from a hobby and built Badminton association ( PB ) Djarum in 1969 . Badminton court in the place of rojo cigarettes , Robert Budi Hartono uncover genuine talents talented youngster Kudus. The young guy in the eye, have actually high morale , a great sungkyung and physics specimen . Nothing wrong v intuition , because the ketentuan is not long , the boy the surname of nation on the dunia stage . The young man was nyata Swie king , known by the nickname " king Smash " .
Besides, v his brother is Michael Budi Hartono , they came to be owners of cool Indonesia and electronics suppliers . One of the Djarum group businesses in this sector moves di bawah the banner Polytron which has operated for an ext than 30 year . Polytron company is now tambahan producing phones that menjadi previously just meproduksi air air conditioning , frozen refrigerator , video and audio commodities , and also dispensers . V the company"s newly produced Ventures Global digital Prima , they also bought Kaskus , which is just one of the largest sites in Indonesia
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