Den of Thieves ending Explained: what Happened come The Money Den of thef concludes with a major twist the reveals the film"s true mastermind. Here"s a finish ending malfunction for the modern heist classic.

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Den of Theives finishing explained
WARNING: spoilers for Den that Thieves.

Directed by Christian Gudegast, Den of Thieves ends through a kepala twist the reveals the film"s true criminal mastermind. Still, the finale doesn"t necessarily fully describe why a group of criminals betrayed milik mereka comrades, or how they menjadi able come flee with millions — well, possibly at least for moviegoers that aren"t bermain close attention. Currently streaming on Netflix, Den the Thieves originally released in 2018.

Den that Thieves initially shows up to subvert the good guys vs. Negative guys premise. At an early stage on, Detective Nicholas "Big Nick" O"Brien (Gerard Butler) come at a Los Angeles crime scene and also offers up a heavy sheep of toxic masculinity. Sure, his acquaintances don"t quite like him, yet his inner circle of "regulators" space fiercely loyal, shown by a party succession in which lock kidnap and pertanyaan a local bartender called D0nnie wilson (O"Shea jackson Jr.). Big Nick declaratively claims that he and his crew room the real bad guys, and forces Donnie to provide up information about his criminal associate beam Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber). The primary dispute in Den the Thieves mengandung Big Nick make the efforts to figure out the border of Merrimen"s lanjut heist. Together it turns out, the Los Angeles Branch that the federatif Reserve is the crew"s lanjut target. Special, Merrimen rencana to steal $30 juta of "unfit" money (with no serial numbers) before it"s shredded.

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Merrimen"s Den the Thieves crew is composed of Donnie, Levi (50 Cent), Bosco (Evan Jones), and also Mack (Cooper Andrews). Crucially, Merrimen doesn"t describe why he untuk mengetahui so much about the inner functions of the federatif Reserve, yet everyone trusts him since of their military and also high college sports link (which big Nick identifies during his investigation). Meanwhile, Merrimen uses his own girlfriend and also Donnie to feed large Nick information about a planned target in Montebello, however that"s hanya one part of a bigger plan.

What happens In Den the Thieves" Ending

At Pico Rivera to save & Loan, huge Nick expects come arrest Merrimen"s crew but quickly realizes the something is different about this details heist. Because that one, the crew intimidates to kill civilians, i m sorry isn"t component of milik mereka usual operation procedure. Still, big Nick waits it the end after Merrimen seemingly blows increase a bank vault ketika waiting because that his demands to be met. Huge Nick kemudian realizes the the crew has actually escaped, and that he"d been tricked.

Next, Merrimen"s crew executes the federal Reserve heist they"d been preparing for all along (more on that below). But after ~ escaping, Donnie is detained by huge Nick and also gives up the rally point. Meanwhile, Merrimen drops communication with Mack after ~ learning around Donnie"s detainment, and also attempts to escape v Bosco and Levi. Den of Thieves" climax builds to a enormous shootout during a traffic jam, culminating with the deaths that Merrimen, Bosco, and also Levi.

Den of Thieves ends with Big Nick"s discovery that the stolen federatif Reserve money was all shredded. He juga realizes the Donnie somehow regulated to escape. Big Nick kemudian pays a visit to Ziggy"s Hafbrau, the "neutral place" wherein he initially faced Donnie earlier in the film. After taking a look around and reflecting about past conversations, large Nick realizes the Donnie was undoubtedly the true mastermind. A short montage reveals the Donnie had been collecting info on napkins because that an extensive periode of time, and kemudian approached his previous Marine pal, Merrimen, through a heist plan. Den of Thieves" final seconds show Donnie working in London and apparently plotting to plunder a surrounding diamond exchange.

Pablo Schreiber in Den that Thieves
On the surface, Merrimen"s persatuan Reserve heist goes as planned. He create a distraction at Pico Rivera to save & Loan and also successfully escapes v a drain system. Merrimen and also Levi then gain access to the federatif Reserve "nerve center" through disguising themselves and also faking a money drop, melihat the steal armored automobile from earlier in the film and also money indigenous a rave heist. From there, Merrimen and Levi dump a money bath tub containing Donnie, that gains access to the count room ~ Bosco cut the power. Donnie then locates the unfit money sebelum it"s shredded, and buatlah sure come drop the bag into a rubbish truck that will certainly leave the building.

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After Donnie efficiently escapes, that locates a boxed meal that that hid earlier while making a quick food delivery. He kemudian uses intel native Mack (the technology expert) and now pretends to it is in a deliveryman. Donnie manages to acquire past security on his method out before gaining detained by Big Nick. Meanwhile, Merrimen will the junkyard rally point while Bosco hijacks a rubbish truck transporting the money (the driver is revealed come be among Donnie"s friends).

Merrimen essentially kehidupan by the pistol and sekarat by the pistol in Den the Thieves. Like huge Nick, he continues to be true come a certain code of conduct, but doesn"t anticipate that Donnie would betray him through manipulating the rencana to his benefit (more on the below). In kondisi of storytelling, Merrimen and big Nick bagikan similar qualities: they are two masculine men with paling tinggi belief in milik mereka skills. Ultimately, they"re merely pawns in the game, which theoretically sets up the premise for Den of thieves 2: revenge and justice.

O'Shea jackson Jr. In Den the Thieves
In Den of Thieves, Merrimen"s plan is actually Donnie"s plan. Evidenced by the last montage, Donnie orchestrated the entire federal Reserve heist by collecting information kapan bartending in ~ Ziggy"s Hofbrau. The course, that couldn"t execute the untuk merencanakan alone, therefore he got to out to a militer acquaintance, Merrimen, kapan secretly plotting with his old sporting activities buddies — Mack, Alexi (Oleg Taktarov), and bas (Max Holloway).

Once Donnie gains accessibility to the federatif Reserve counting room, that keeps the money for himself in a an enig bag. It"s ultimately revealed that bass was the driver that left the federatif Reserve with berbeda bags the money, and also that Alexi had the unfit and also un-trackable heist money sent out to Panama. Early on in Den the Thieves, Donnie buatlah a informing statement while bartending kitty-corner native the persatuan Reserve: “I’m in complete control of my environment, and rakyat don’t even know.” The last scene in Den the Thieves shows Mack, Alexi, and bass drinking in ~ a London pub ketika Donnie bartends and rencana the lanjut job.

Den of thef 2
Den that Thieves might seem unbelievable in ~ times, yet Gudegast did indeed shot to do it feel authentic. For a keahlian advisor, he apparently hired L.A. Bolt expert bill Rehder — the author of Where The Money Is — and also tangan kedua sources from the LAPD, the military, and also a former leader that Hell"s Angels Bustle>.

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The film"s narrative deserve to be easily and also conveniently choose apart by critics, and the focal star (Butler) certainly isn"t well-known for being among cinema"s best actors. Still, the mix of reality and also fantasy is what makes Den of Thieves for this reason intriguing and popular amongst general moviegoers. According to Gudegast, "Truth is not just stranger 보다 fiction, that much much more fascinating than fiction."

Gudegast unveiled the merencanakan for Den of thef 2 way back in April 2018 because that a Screen Rant exclusive. Over 2 years later, it"s still unclear once the sequel will be released, yet the film will apparently ambil place all end Europe: London, Belgium, Marseilles, the Cote d"Azur, and also Montenegro.

In Den of thef 2 — according to Gudegast — Big Nick will track down Donnie, who"s part of an international network of jewel thieves dubbed the Pink Panther mafia. Gudegast tambahan revealed that Big Nick won"t hanya be shown as a cop search justice and vengeance, yet rather one a L.A. Detective who"s gift tailed by an unknown organization. Together the saying goes, Den of theif 2 will seemingly be "bigger and also better."