Berikut ini adalah contoh latihan soal Ulangan di atas Semester 1 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk adik-adik apa duduk di kotoran Sekolah dasar kelas 5.

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Berilah tanda silang (x) di atas huruf a, b, c, ataukah d di dore jawaban apa benar ! 1. We have the right to do surfing in the ...a. Fieldb. Mountainc. Yardd. Beach2. A:” execute you favor swimming?” B: “ ... “.a. Yes, ns dob. No, ns doc. Yes, i amd. Yes, ns like3.

What time is that ?a. It is a 4 minutes 1 to fiveb. The is a quarter past fivec. It is a half past fived. It is fifteen come five4.

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What is the moment ?a. The is lima to threeb. It is lima past threec. That is one to threed. It is one previous three5. I normally ... At 05.00 in the morning.a. Sleepb. Acquire upc. Ambil a bathd. Have breakfast6. A :” have the right to you ... The laptop?” B : “ Yes, ns can”.a. Operateb. Readc. Listend. Watch7. Ns ... The floor every morning.a. Listenb. Sweepc. Cookd. Write8. I use my ... On my head.a. Uniformb. Capc. Skirtd. Bag9. The student wear anda ... To school.a. Jacketb. Jeansc. Shortsd. Uniform10. A : “ what do lock wear for swimming?” B : “They stay ... “.a. Swimsuitsb. Capsc. Shoesd. Shorts11. Roni wants to bermain tennis. He demands a ...a. Bookb. Racketc. Dolld. Marble12. My mommy cooks in the ...a. Bed roomb. Kitchenc. Living roomd. Garden13. Our clip food is ...a. Cakeb. Meatc. Riced. Corn14. It’s a fruit. Monkey likes it. Apa is it ?a. Appleb. Bananac. Starfruitd. Papaya15. Enno is wearing ... On she waist.a. Necklaceb. Beltc. Braceletd. Tie16.The students usually have flag consciousness on ....a. Sundayb. Monday c. Fridayd. Saturday17. Moslems commonly go come mosque to pray ~ above ....a. Sundayb. Thursdayc. Fridayd. Sunday18. Mr. Hanafi is praying for God. The wears ...a. Jeansb. Shortc. Sarongd. Kimono19. There are .... Month in a year.a. Elevenb. Twelvec. Thirteend. Fourteen20. Indonesian rakyat usually celebarate self-reliance day ~ above ....a. Julyb. Augustc. Septemberd. October21. Before you go to bed, brush her ....a. Teethb. Chinc. Cheek d. Head22. They room ..... In the library.a. Analysis bookb. Eatingc. Swimmingd. Sleeping23. Over there ... 7 pencils in the pencil box.a. Wasb. Space c. Isd. You24. Nikita : are there books on the table? Firda : Yes, ....a. There areb. There isc. She isd. We are25. Marta : .... Room you? Sabri : i am well thanks.a. Whyb. Whoc. Howd. What26. A : “May I know your … ?” B : i live in ~ jl. Pahlawan 10 Kediri a. Period b. Resolve c. Job d. Nationality 27. Ns am going to Sedudo … lanjut Sunday. A. Park b. Danau c. Waterfall d. Cavern 28. I need some ... Come buy something.a. Moneyb. Booksc. Lettersd. Pencils29. We have to wear .... Where ever we go by a motor cycle.a. Helmet b. Jacketc. Uniformd. Tie30. Us go to Tanjung perak harbour to have travelling through a ....a. Planeb. Busc. Traind. ShipII. Jawablah pertanyan-pertanyaan di bawah ini berdasarkan teks !
Dino : “What do you wear as soon as you go jogging?”Dika : “I undertake shorts and also T-shirt”.Dino : “Do you tambahan wear shoes and shocks ?”Dika : “Yes, ns do. Apa do you wear as soon as you walk to school, Dino?”Dino : “I undertake uniform”.Dika : “Do you juga wear her cap?”Dino : “ Yes, ns do”.1. How plenty of persons space there in the conversation ?Answer : There room ...2. What melakukan Dika wear when he go jogging?Answer : he wears ...3. Does Dika also wear a jacket ?Answer : ...4. What melakukan Dino wear as soon as he is at school?Answer : ...5. Melakukan Dino also wear cap?Answer : ...III. Analyze into Indonesian !1. I always sweep the floor.2. Iwan desires to bermain marble.3. I seldom concerned late school.4. Susi tidak pernah goes come Bali.5. Might I borrow your mask ?IV. Translate into english !1. Farina selalu sarapan setiap pagi.2. Saya jarang bermain nol di dimensi hari.3. Anita selalu menyiram bunga.4. Budi mempunyai beberapa naga di rumahnya.5. Ada beberapa kue di ~ meja.Warning: Harap tidak mengcopy dough dan mempublish ulang Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 plus terkunci Jawaban apa ada di blog Jadilah blogger kreatif mencapai tidak does copy paste dan mempublish mengulang ! Terima kasihDOWNLOAD SOAL UAS BAHASA INGGRIS KELAS V SEMESTER 1 Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Terbaru tahun 2018/2019Kunci hadiah room I1.d 2.a 3.a 4.b 5.b 6.a 7.b 8.b 9.d 10.a 11.b 12.b 13.c 14.b 15.b 16.b 17.c 18.c 19.b 20.b 21.a 22.a 23.b 24.a 25.c 26.b 27.c 28.a 29.a 30.dRoom II1. 2 persons2. Shorts and T-shirt3. No, he does not4. He wears uniform5. Yes, that doesRoom III1. Saya selalu menyapu lantai2. Iwan ingin permainan kelereng3. Saya langka datang terlambat sekolah3. Susi noël pernah pergi setelah Bali5. Bolehkah saya pinjam topengmu?Room IV1. Farina selalu has breakfast everyday2. I seldom play football in the afternoon3. Anita always waters flower4. Budi has some kites in ~ his home5. There room some cakes ~ above the tableDemikianlah contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 plus kunci Jawaban yang sanggup dijadikan referensi belajar. Harapan bermanfaat.