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31. Vita: “…. To champa to find the job?” Dewi: “it’s quite of you to ask.” a. Perform you mental my migrating b. Would certainly you favor to walk c. Would you walk d. Carry out you think I mungkin e. Do you have actually Jawaban: c 32. Jane: “Would you favor to go a concert top top Saturday night?” Tia: “Ehm, correct ….” a. Anyway. B. I’d like. C. I’m busy. D. I can’t. E. I’d it is in delighted. Jawaban: e 33. Hendra: “We space going to have a research study for many days. Will certainly you sign up with us?” Farhan: “….” a. I am encouraged b. There is no doubt c. I’m specific d. Ns don’t know about it e. Ns can’t say that for sure Jawaban: c 34. Budi: “it’s boring. We’ve acquired to do something.” Dina: “What about watching film?” Budi: “Wow, cool! ....” a. It’s a pity. B. Let’s watch it. C. You room wrong. D. Ns am deeply sorry to listen that. E. Oh, congratulation. Jawaban: c The following text is for number 35 Dear john Smith, Retirement Party for Mr. Alexander Dowie This is to inform you the Dr. Alex Dowie, our director of the IT department is retiring on january 23rd, 2003. Dr. Dowie join our firm 20 years kembali when the firm was in its early years and was trying to do its place among the height ranked providers in the Mortgage Industry. Ever sejak then, he has actually positively contributed towards the kesuksesan of this company. We menjadi never quick of his advice once was most needed and his leadership and faith in his fellow colleagues has selalu been exemplary. In order to say officially ‘Good Bye’ and to wish him luck because that a relaxed retired life, a taking leave dinner is arranged by the firm at Ramdas Hotel, 45 Johnson st, Kingston, Ontario on january 23rd, 2003. You and your spouse space all invited to grace this occasion and express your best wishes to Dr. Dowie in person. Please RSVP by responding come this email through the name of her guest by january 15th. Susan Miller, Director umat ​​manusia Resource 35. Apa position is held by Susan? a. Director of production. B. Director of Marketing. C. Director of manusia Resource. D. Director of Accounting. E. Dirrector of Culture. Jawaban: c The adhering to text is for mageri 36 come 40
36. Once will the occasion be held? a. Respectable 14th. B. Respectable 15th. C. Respectable 16th. D. August 17th. E. Respectable 18th. Jawaban: d 37. Where is the ar of the party? a. Florida. B. Alaska. C. Chicago. D. Aberdeen. E. Washington. Jawaban: d 38. When have to we respond to the letter? a. June 21st. B. June 22nd. C. June 23rd. D. June 24th. E. June 25th. Jawaban: a 39. What kind the the text is it? a. Invitation. B. Suggestion. C. Ofter. D. Surprise. E. Announcement. Jawaban: a 40. “You room invited come celebrate.” The Indonesian translate into of the underlined word above is…. A. Merayakan b. Berkomunikasi c. Mengundang d.

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