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Penilaian akhir Semester atau Ulangan di atas Semester (UAS) 1 merupakan deviasi satu bentuk penilaian belajar peserta didik apa dilaksanakan diatas akhir semester satu.

Soal UAS 1 Penilaian di atas Semester Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Kurikulum 2013 ini admin bagikan buat membekali belajar peserta didik, spesial kelas 8 SMP/MTs batin menghadapi UAS 1 (Penilaian di atas Semester).

Soal UAS 1 Penilaian di atas Semester Kelas 8 SMP Kurikulum 2013 untuk mata pelajaran apa lainnya dapat dibaca di atas link dibawah ini.

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Soal UAS 1 IPS Kelas 8 SMP MTs Kurikulum 2013 (Baca)

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Soal Penilaian akhir Semester UAS 1 Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 SMP MTs K13 berbentuk pilihan ganda mencapai empat alternatif jawaban.

Berikut adalah bentuk soal UAS 1 Penilaian di atas Semester mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Kurikulum 2013.

Read the text to prize question sourse 1 and 2.

To: Ryan

Buddy, I’ve hanya received berita from Herdy. This afternoon granny Ida wants united state to complete our projects in ~ school. Please don’t come late. Our group presentation need to be good lanjut week!

Number 1

Why did the writer asking Ryan to involved school?A. To finish anda project.B. To fulfill his teacher.C. To get Herdy’s present.D. Come ask because that his buddy’s friend.

Number 2

What is the relationship in between Ryan and also the writer?A. Brothers.B. Relatives.C. Roommates.D. Classmates.

Read the message to answer questions numberi 3 and 4.


SMP Pembangunan will celebrate its 17th anniversary on:Day/ day : Saturday, 17 February 2014Place : sport HallTime : 8.00 am – 11.00 am

To highlight this event, a spesial bazaar will be terawat together through music present of the school pita featuring the Indonesian idol Cynthia. All the teachers and also students are an alleged to to visit this celebration. Thus all college extracurricular activities at school seperti as basketball, Martial art, Football and also English sunday meeting will not be excellent for that day.


Zikry Phatony SS, M.Pd

Number 3

What go the school perform to storage its anniversary?A. To hold a khususnya bazaar.B. To have a martial art competition.C. To carry out all extracurricular activities.D. To dandan all events well.

Number 4

The college did not have actually all the extracurricular tasks on the day because ….A. The sport hall would be digunakan for the celebration event of the school anniversaryB. All students had to attend the bazaar and buy everything sold in the eventC. There to be an attractive music show performed by all students of the schoolD. Nobody to be interested in bermain basketball in the sport hall that day

Read the text to price questions sourse 5 and also 6.


Number 7

What must the guests cite in theiremail?A. Rebooking fee and date.B. The charge and also booking detail.C. Booking details and rebooking date.D. The fee and the company they need.

Number 8

 “…, rebooking dues is totally free of charge.”

What melakukan the word dues mean?A. Salary.B. Cost.C. Requirement.D. Independence.

Read the text to prize questions numberi 9 come 12.

This is my favorite artist. Her penuh name is Robin Rihanna Fenty. She is a well known singer in theworld. She was born top top 20 February 1988 in santo Michael, Barbados.

Rihanna has small family. There space 5 orang in her family. They room her father, mother, and 2siblings. Her father’s surname is Ronald. Her mom is Monica Fenty. She siblings are Rorrey andRajad.

Rihanna likes modelling. She has actually ever menang modelling contest, miss out on Combermere. She juga loves fashion style. Her rambut style transforms quite often. Sometimes she performs v curly hair. But, in lainnya chance she appears in straight hair with different colour.

Rihanna is a very kesuksesan RnB singer. She has dimenangkannya many awards sebagai as Grammy award andAmerican Music Award. Her lagu are well-known well v the world; only Girl (In the World),What’s mine Name?, Unfaithful, Umbrella, Love the means You Lie, for instance.

Number 9

What often changes in Rihanna’s appearance?A. Her name.B. The family.C. Her hair style.D. Her music genre.

Number 10

The message is written to ….A. Tell about the life the RihannaB. Display how to be a renowned artistC. Explain an artist, RihannaD. List Rihanna’s albums

Number 11

“They space her father, mother, and also 2 siblings.” (Paragraph 2)

The underlined word suku to ….A. Kecil familyB. Lima peopleC. She father and motherD. Two siblings

Number 12

What is the text mainly about?A. Rihanna’s childhood.B. Rihanna’s achievement.C. Rihanna’s family.D. Rihanna’s life story.

The adhering to text is for question numberi 13 come 15.


Mount Nglanggeran is positioned in Nglanggeran village, Patuk, Gunungkidul. The mountain is built of old volcanic materials and is estimated active until around 70 juta years ago. The stones are quite huge and very an overwhelming to rise on height of them. The regional people panggilan it

Mount wayang because there room lumps of big stones which resemble wayang characters. Indigenous a distance the development of the stones is really amazing and giving scenic check out of series of wayang arranged on top of a plateau.

Mount Nglanggeran uses a differentiated sensation because that night hike. There room some alternative hiking monitor with different difficulties. The first hiking post will be the sloping batu called Latar Gede wherein hikers have the right to enjoy sunset. The hardest and paling challenging component is when arriving at the area of hill rocks at much more than 100 meter high. Beginning of the person hikers have to carefully choose the track since there are some tracks that have steep narrow valleys. The highest peak of mountain Nglanggeran is mount Gede, a hill of a half acre batu lump indigenous which hikers space able to enjoy the star-spangle, city lights, and the sunrise.

In this area, there is a narrow rift that just fits one person. That is dubbed Goa Jepang which is believed to it is in the hideaway the Japanese army chased through the American troops in dunia War II.This mount seems to it is in the perfect hideaway since it has actually 28 springs and rocky topography. Right alongside the Goa over there is a feather from the seepage with which flows water down.

Number 13

What melakukan the text greatly tell united state about?A. The ar of hiking website on mount NglanggeranB. The routes how to gain to the optimal of mount NglanggeranC. The summary of mount Nglanggeran in GunungkidulD. The benefits of mount Nglanggeran because that visitors

Number 14

What is the main idea the the 2nd paragraph?A. Rakyat may gain the star-spangle from mountain Gede.B. Mount Nglanggeran provides good sensation because that hikers.C. The hikers need to be cautious in selecting the tracks.D. Mount Gede is the top of mountain Nglanggeran.

Number 15

Right beside the Goa there is a feather which flows water native the seepage the a water pond (par.3)

The underlined word method ….A. LeakageB. BreakageC. SprinkleD. Splash

Read the text to price questions sourse 16 to 19.

On Saturday, 20th April 2003, Aron Ralston went climbing in the Utah national Park USA. That did not tell his friend or family and he ambil no mobile phone at all. Later, there to be a devastating accident. One enormous rock trapped Aron’s arm. He to be there for 6 days. He bisa not sleep at night because it was an extremely cold. He did no drink any fresh water, and also there was not any type of food to eat. Besides, he did no see any type of people.

Fortunately, Aron to be safe. On the sixth day he escaped. He amputated his trapped arm through a kecil knife. Kemudian he walked six miles. Finally a helicopter saw and rescued him. Aron composed a book about his experience. Now he climbs v an man-made arm.

Number 16

What go Aron do On Saturday 20th April 2003?A. He saw USA come visit his family.B. That rescued someone v a helicopter.C. That climbed in the Utah national Park.D. That amputed his trapped arm through a knife.

Number 17

Aron bisa not drink and also eat at the time because ….A. His drink and also food was gone on his wayB. The was no able to go anywhereC. The weather about him was very coldD. That did no tell anybody around his activity

Number 18

What is the 2nd paragraph that the text about?A. Apa Aron go to make him sleep well.B. Why Aron wrote his terrible experience.C. How Aron escaped native the accident.D. Maafkan saya happened to the helicopter.

Number 19

“Now he climbs with an artificial arm.”

What does the underlined indigenous mean?A. Mobile.B. Official.C. Natural.D. Man-made.

Read the message to answer inquiries 20 come 22.

It began one afternoon, once I saw my grandmother for lunch. By the moment I walk home, she hadbooked me a ticket to the neighbouring pulau of Lombok for she friend’s funeral. Couple of aku later, I uncovered myself sitting within a propeller aircraft for the very first time.

Anyway, we landed in ~ an unexpected place. This island has a better airport 보다 the much more popular. It didn’t stop there. The roads menjadi big and also clean. I average seriously. This island is quiet modern. Oh, I almost forgot come mention. We had actually hired a exclusive driver for our entire 3 day trip and he was incredibly helpful. Not only is that a good and quick driver, but he tahu hisisland. Every pertanyaan my curious dad asked him, he could answer. It felt like we had wikipedia as a driver.

What ns liked paling about Lombok is that it’s no as directed towards worldwide tourists, however locals, the perspective of the people wasn’t as unstable as that the Balinese. However, i did come across one wherein a lady make the efforts to sell cheap batik on a deserted beach because that RP200, 000 (AUD$20). My granddad practically bought it out of pity, but my grandma dragged him out of it. Together he rotate his kembali on her, the lady claimed okay! RP15,000 (AUD$1.50). What a difference! but eventually, being the kind-hearted person my granddad is, he bought 5 pieces. It is a great experience.

Number 20

What is the message about?A. Visiting BaliB. Going come Lombok island.C. Travel by a propeller plane.D. Mine kind-hearted granddad.

Number 21

What dulu the roadways in Lombok like?A. Narow and also winding.B. Large and polluted.C. Wide and clean.D. Quiet modern.

Number 22

From the text we recognize that ….A. The writer booked a ticket come Lombok because that his friend’s funeralB. The driver knows nothing about his island.C. The attitude of the setiap orang was as rough as of the BalineseD. The writer’s granddad to buy batik.

The complying with text is because that questions sourse 23 come 26.

I have countless interesting things, yet the low rider bike is the paling favorite. It is yes, really bicycle. Ns have countless at home.

What is so khususnya about lock is the they are a type of modification bicycles originally from America. They ended up being popular in Indonesia in 2004 and also became less popular in the late 2008. “Superman is Dead” popularized these kinds of bikes in their music video clip clip. There is an unusual gap in between the saddle and the handlebars. This bekerja untuk my bicycles berbeda from plain ones. The bikes have actually colourful designs and unusual accessories.

My low rider bikes have actually three different types: The short Rider, small, rather low come the ground. The Cruiser which is little bit greater than the short Rider and the Chopper which has high manage bars. This low rider bikes are great for leisure and be safe cycling however not because that a long distance cycling. It is why mine old relatives carry out not like seperti a kind of bicycle. Castle feel more comfortable riding normal bikes.

Number 23

What does the text tell you about?A. The writer’s beloved things.B. The types of the low rider bicycles.C. The comfortable rides because that old people.D. The characteristics of the low rider bicycle.

Number 24

What does paragraph 2 greatly tell about?A. The asal of the low driver bicycles.B. The equipment of the low driver bikes.C. The suitable usage the the low driver bikes.D. The details features of the low rider bikes.

Number 25

They feel an ext comfortable riding normal bikes.

The indigenous “they” refers to ….A. Old relativesB. BikesC. Low rider bikesD. Usual bikes

Number 26

“These low driver bikes are an excellent for leisure cycling . . .”(par.3)

The underlined native means. . . .A. FunB. FastC. LongD. Hard

Read the message to price question number 27 dan 28.

To: Adam Jordan

I’m sorry yet I won’t it is in able meet you and also Bertha for lunch on Friday. Ns must finish a task by Friday afternoon, and also I can’t guarantee the I’ll be excellent by lunch. Mungkin we reschedule for Monday or Tuesday?

Terry Smith

Number 27

What is the writer’s function to send the message?A. To accomplish Bertha for lunch on Friday.B. To finish the project by Friday afternoon.C. To apologize for no being maybe to fulfill Adam.D. To guarantee the the project could be done.

Number 28

Who mungkin not have actually lunch bersama on Friday?A. Adam Jordan.B. Bertha.C. Terry Smith.D. Adam and also Bertha.

Read the message to answer concerns 29 to 32.

It happened one weekend while I was at the fairground. I was through my girlfriend Sarah and also we menjadi both yes, really excited. The flashing lights and bright colours made everything show up magical. We dulu having a great time and we had been on paling of the rides as soon as Sarah pointed come the huge wheel. The tanda tangan said “$1 because that a two-minute ride”.

At an initial I no sure, but Sarah had actually been on it before. “It only bawa pulang two minutes,” she said. “Come on- the a yes, really thrilling ride!” A minute later on we were in the air. It was favor flying! “This isa mazing!” ns shouted happy to Sarah.

Then suddenly, there to be a loud crash and everything stopped. I was really frightened! Sarah telah terorganisir my hand tightly since she to be worried, too. We looked down and saw 2 mechanics. “Don’t worry,” they shouted. “It won’t untuk mengambil us lengthy to fix it!” So we waited…and waited! At very first we were amused. Anyone was running around listed below us. After ~ a ketika though, it came to be scary increase there.

Two hrs later, the wheel lastly started to relocate again. Ns was for this reason happy. It had actually been a lengthy tiring evening. That two-minute ride had turned into a two-hour nightmare!

Number 29

How go the writer feel at first?A. Happy.B. Confused.C. Afraid.D. Amazed.

Number 30

What melakukan paragraph 3 tell?A. Anda feeling in two minutes.B. The beginning of the large wheel accident.C. How the writer overcame her fear.D. Just how the mechanic addressed the big wheel.

Number 31

What melakukan “they” in “they shouted” express to?A. The writer and also Sarah.B. Everyone listed below us.C. The large wheel passengers.D. Two mechanics.

Number 32

What does the writer mean by “$1 for a two- minute ride ”?A. The is very quick.B. It is really fun.C. It will certainly not kill.D. That is expensive.

Read the message to prize questions number 33 to 36.


Number 33

What is the message about?A. A ailing grandmaB. A hold-up of one activityC. A functioning projectD. A great plan

Number 34

Dinda can’t pertained to Mira’s house, since .…A. The project has actually not planned.B. She has to work in the hospital.C. Her grandma is sick.D. Dinda must be hospitalized.

Number 35

From the message over we recognize that …A. Dinda and also Mira have to work together on milik mereka project.B. Dinda’s grandma ikut in the project.C. Dinda and her grandma will accomplish Mira at the hospital.D. Dinda intend Mira to remain in the hospital through her.

Number 36

Who could not have actually lunch together on Friday?A. Adam Jordan.B. Bertha.C. Terry Smith.D. Adam and also Bertha.

For number 37 to 39 complete the following paragraph through the exactly words.

I live top top a jalan called Hillstar. It is a beautiful jalan where each house seems to stand on its own little hill. There room trees literally everywhere. My house is orange in colour v a lot of flowers in the yard. Friend can discover it easily.

The life room is the very first room once you (44) … the house. This room is an extremely big, filled through lively furniture. There room (45) … soft tan leather couches, colourful rugs on the hardwood floor, and also a besar display instance with pictures and books. The house has juga enormous windows that (46) … the day will certainly let as much sunlight come right into the room together it can

Number 37


A. LetB. EnterC. ComeD. Accept

Number 38


A. TastyB. LusciousC. DeliciousD. Comfortable

Number 39


A. OnB. OverC. WithD. During

Number 40

Arrange the following words into a exactly sentence.

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Friend – the – berlari – that – girl – ideal – is – mine – is1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9A. 8 – 6 – 1 – 9 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 7B. 8 – 1 – 9 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 7 – 6C. 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 1D. 2 – 5 – 4 – 9 – 3 – 7 – 8 – 6 – 1

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