I’ve tidak pernah thought that there would be sebagai a exorbitant place located not really far from whereby I live. One exotic park on optimal of a hill with magnificent scenery of the surrounding countryside. A great place to gain the beauty, beauty of nature. A placed called tempuh Alam Gunung Dago, also known together Kampung Adat Wana Cendana.

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The negara park offers berbeda things to berbeda people. It’s a ar for family hari out, for sport, photography, or maybe hanya for the views and a cup of coffee.

We actually discovered this location randomly terakhir Sunday. That morning, we at first left residence for BSD extreme Park, expecting to have actually some adventurous tasks especially Qiel that was prepared with his bike. Unfortunately, the park is quiet closed, more than likely for the COVID 19 reason.

I then decided to proceed driving the automobile to the west, without any certain destination. Hanya wanted to recognize an area the I often saw its surname in the commuter line. Yup, Parung Panjang.

On the way, we quit in a mini-market come buy some snacks and drinks, as typical travelers do. Kapan waiting because that my wife, I opened up Google Maps and also started to type ‘tourist location nearby’.

That was when I found out about this remarkable place. The has great reviews and also some beautiful shared images on Google. And also there was whereby we went.

Our location is situated in Desa Dago, Parung berbohong which is part of Bogor Regency. Yet the location is much closer to southern Tangerang 보다 to Bogor city. It’s only about 20 kilometres from BSD exit toll.

At that time, we had some obstacles finding this ar as Google Maps showed us the wrong path. The surname ‘Gunung Dago or Kampung Adat Wana Cendana’ in the map pointed come the facility of the area which, ns believe, make the map do the efforts to existing the shortest course but, unfortunately, no accurately.

Google Maps brought us di sini before us finally found the place of pariwisata Gunung Batu

I then asked the locals around the location before I finally found the place. That is actually no that complex to uncover as the entrance door is top top the main road, Jl. Raya Dago.

So, if you desire to go there, hanya try to gain into that road and follow it. If friend come from the north, it will be on her left side, about 6 kilometres from Parung singa train station.

By the way, commuter line or other publik transportations can tambahan be an excellent alternatives to walk there.

The main area is tho quite much from the parking lot, around 1 km, and located on peak of the hill. Motorcycles and bikes are permitted to walk to the top yet not the cars. However not to worry, the operator provides off-road vehicles to move the visitors. And, the course, if you want, girlfriend can berjalan as well.

The entrance gate

The entrance ticket is rather affordable, Rp10.000 per rakyat with second Rp5.000 of take self retribution. Friend will juga have to pay lagi Rp10.000 if you desire to usage the off-road automobile service, membuat it Rp25.000 in berbisa for each visitor. And also lucky us, it is cost-free for children under 8, so us only had actually to pay for three people.

Though the price list claims that the biaya for the selfies spots is Rp35.000, they only asked me to pay Rp5.000 per person for every the spots .

After buying the ticket, we quickly got in the off-road vehicle. That reminded me the the adventurous Lava tour in Kaliurang Yogyakarta, despite this time only lasted because that about lima minutes. It to be an amazing ride, but I to be not very sure around the safety, haha.

One the the paling exciting part

On the top, over there is lagi parking area, yet this one is for motorcycles and also bikes, alongside some small shops that serve various snacks, foods, and drinks.

We continued our adventure by walking v the area.

After passing lagi welcoming gate, we arrived on Kampung Adat Wana Cendana v its unique classic bamboo houses. The is no a real town though. Instead, they space huts and also villas ready for the tourists to be sure or for itu who desire to stay overnight. Few of the structures can tambahan be used as pertemuan rooms or for gathering.

Welcome come Kampung Adat
The small becak is juga for rent as one of the attractions for children, ketika the bamboo residence ca be tangan kedua as a pertemuan room
The huts in the background have the right to be used by the visitors to relax and also enjoy milik mereka lunch box

Next to the village, over there is an adventure playground designed specifically for young children along with plenty of interesting spots for photoshoots. Some of the ideal spots for taking selfies in this area are dermaga Pandang, the Tower, bird Nest, and the Sun.



If girlfriend don’t have actually someone to take your picture, or if you don’t have a good camera through you, nothing be worried. There space photographers that will be prepared to untuk mengambil your pictures with a really affordable price. Only Rp10.000 for every lima pictures.

There are juga adrenaline-pumping attractions available to enjoy kemudian as the sky bike, paris fox, and also the sky swing. To ride these attractions, travellers will need to pay additional fees but are still sensibly priced, ranging from Rp5.000 to Rp15.000 each.

After a lengthy secara mitologis preparation, Gladys has lastly swung

More interestingly, indigenous this level, girlfriend will be able to see the beautiful landscape of the sekitar countryside, which because that me is the ideal thing around Gunung Dago. From particular viewpoints, girlfriend can also see some tall buildings far in the east, probably somewhere in the southern Tangerang area.

Dermaga Pandang, among the best viewpoint in the park

If you room here, I suggest you discover a good place come relax and enjoy your time. But be careful, this area is in ~ the leaf of really high hill, so that is quite dangerous.

If you come in the morning, you will have the ability to see the fog, developing a white cloud listed below where we are. Feels prefer you room living over the sky” said among the ranger whilst mendemonstrasikan me some great pictures on his phone. Wow, they room truly wonderful, do me want to come kembali here next time but earlier in the morning.

You have the right to stay in the villa or in a time at the camping soil if you don’t want to miss the fog”, he added.

Yes, besides villas, the park juga has a camping ground. Tourists who desire to camp have the right to rent a time for Rp80.000 or build anda own. It provides a unique experience the camping at a height yet without too countless difficulties. So, it will be good especially for the kids.

Other than apa I discussed earlier, pariwisata Alam Gunung Dago still has actually plenty of things to offer.

The country park is a great place to do hiking activity, specifically for families with children. The park consists a considerably ukurannya besar area v a sourse of significant walking trails. The atmosphere is reasonably safe, for this reason it will be an excellent for family members tracking.

One the the wade trails

Furthermore, over there is one ATV and motocross monitor for those who love offroad adventure. The ATV and motocross are available for rent, but, of course, the travellers are tambahan allowed come ride anda own vehicles.

In addition, Gunung Dago has also a track for the bike, i m sorry is arguably the most popular sport in Indonesia throughout this pandemic period. I didn’t check the track though, but from apa I learned, the is a nice one.

Bikes parked at the parking area kapan the owner are having actually a rest after conquering the mountain

Indeed, the negara park is great as a to ride bicycle destination, even for itu who don’t intend to ride ~ above the hill bike track.

Before we reached this place, us saw countless cyclists riding bersama the road. Us met even much more of them once we arrived at the top. I was so amazed especially by few of the females who regulated to with the top as the cycling path is full of up and turun involving some really steep climbs.

I don’t understand where they came from. But it’s quite mungkin that lock started their journey from surrounding cities sebagai as south Tangerang, Depok, Jakarta, or, perhaps, Bekasi. Lainnya good reason for girlfriend who may want to come to this ar in one adventurous way.

Many urgent bikes’ cyclists juga managed to reach the top, although some of them need a help to get bagian belakang down

Overall, I would say the this location is well managed, at the very least as a regional tourist destination.

The tourist rumit is initially owned through Perhutani Bogor and also is organized by Lembaga masyarakat Desa hutan (LMDH) Wana Cendana which is an organization of the regional people. A great thing come know and this location has provided some job opportunities for the locals and also improved the local economy.

The ar was officially opened in early on 2019, so that is rather new. After being closed for several months throughout the early titik of the COVID 19 outbreak, it was reopened terakhir July, by adhering to the COVID 19 protocols.

The supporting framework are fairly good, an especially the main road from the parking area come the top. The pathways roughly the place are fairly comfortable as well. Some necessary facilities are juga nice and easy to find, specific praying rooms, toilets, etc.

As I pointed out earlier, some small shops are accessible in the location, serving several kinds that foods and beverages. Surprisingly, the prices are reasonably low as if it no a traveler destination. So, don’t worry when you are a little bit hungry.

However, there is juga plenty the room because that improvement. For further development, i think a visitor facility where tourist can gain information about the park would certainly be great. A cafe, or a restaurant, on top of the hill will juga be pretty so travellers will have more options because that meals.

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I execute really hope that the management keeps its good work in taking good care and improving this young tourist destination, thus more orang will be able to enjoy the beauty beauty of this environment.

Wisata makhluk Gunung DagoJl. Raya Dago, Desa Dago, Kec. Parung Panjang, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia Google Maps coordinates -6.389111, 106.581099

References: http://www.instagram.com/wisatagunungdago, http://www.radarbogor.id, http://www.cnnbanten.id