Did you acquire a shiny, brand-new Android phone? Welcome to the team! you will do it love it here. Yet how do you obtain started? switching from iphone to Android deserve to be a convoluted process, or it deserve to be easy, relying on your steps.

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This indict will present you the best ways to mengalihkan all her data indigenous an iphone phone to an Android device. First, fine cover the simple ways, which might or may not work depending on your phone. Then we’ll cover much more specific work that will work for anyone convert from iOS come Android. If you looking to examine out the best Android apps available, you should juga check ours favorites!

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How to mengalihkan from iphone phone to Android


If you’re not as well tech-savvy and also have a Samsung phone, you’re in luck. Samsung Galaxy phones have an all-in-one alat called clever Switch to switch from iphone phone to Android quickly and easily.

This will quickly menangkal your contacts, bookmarks, photos, videos, and also more. It functions both wirelessly via Wi-Fi or through an OTG cable.

How to move from iphone phone to Android v Smart Switch:

Update her iPhone’s software as lot as friend can.Open iCloud on her iPhone and also backup her data come the cloud.Open the Smart switch app ~ above your brand-new Galaxy phone.Read and agree to any terms and conditions.Tap Receive data, kemudian select iPhone/iPad.A cable link works best, but if girlfriend can’t, friend can tambahan do the wirelessly.Tap Get data indigenous iCloud instead, kemudian log right into your iCloud account.Once logged in, madness Import to start the transfer.

How come switch lihat Google drive backups


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Those there is no a Samsung Galaxy phone space not out of options. Friend can transfer your data penampilan a back-up on Google Drive. It’s contempt more complicated than the measures above, and also you won’t acquire as lot data, but it’s still better than doing every little thing manually. Once you end up the process, make sure you disable iMessage and Facetime to avoid losing any masa depan messages and also calls on your new phone.

How to move from iphone to Android v Google Drive:

Charge and also turn on both phones.Open the app and also log into your Google Account.Tap Settings, then Backup. Pick what you desire to back up, kemudian Start Backup.It’s encourage to rotate off both iMessage and Facetime, for this reason you don’t miss any messages throughout the transfer.Once finished, gejala in to your Google Account on the brand-new phone and also restore indigenous the backup.

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How to ayunkan contacts from iphone phone to Android


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One that the an initial things you’ll desire to do when switching from iphone phone to Android is moving your contacts. How straightforward this process is will very depend on your previous methods for syncing contacts. Space you synchronizing her contacts to her Google account? If so, obtaining your contacts on your brand new Android smartphone is a breeze! every you need to do is get in your Google account details. All your conserved numbers will be immediately downloaded.

If you don’t sync your contacts with Google, you will need to work a small harder. The easiest method would more than likely be to use iCloud to gain a .vcf record and kemudian import that to her Android phone call (or Google Contacts).

How to transfer contacts from iphone phone to Android manually

How to download a .vcf file of her contacts:

On your iPhone, go to her Settings application and then her profile in ~ the top.Tap iCloud and also toggle on Contacts. Your contacts will certainly upload come Apple’s cloud solutions shortly.Use a mencari to walk to iCloud.com and also log in with your to apologize ID.Select Contacts and then click top top the gear icon in the lower-left corner.Click Select all.Click the equipment again and select Export vCard. Once the .vcf file downloads, you deserve to import that paper to your Google contact or straight to your phone.

How to import contacts into Google Contacts:

Click the More button and also select Import.Select the paper you downloaded, and you are done.

How to income contacts into an Android phone:

Transfer the .vcf document into your phone penampilan any method, seperti as carrying via a microSD map or by hooking up your phone to your PC.Open her Contacts app and tap the 3-line food selection button.Go into Settings.Select Import.Pick .vcf file and tekan OK.Pick which account you want the contacts saved to.Find the record and select it. Now let the phone occupational its magic, and also you’re done!

How to ayunkan contacts from iphone to Android penampilan the cloud

Additionally, you can menangkal contacts from iphone to Android lihat Google Contacts. People might think syncing to Google contact is one Android-exclusive feature. This no the case, but it requires a little bit of tinkering in the settings. Allow us present you just how it’s done.

How to ayunkan contacts from iphone to Android melihat Google Contacts:

On her iPhone, open the Settings app.Go come Accounts & Passwords.Hit Add Account.Select Google and sign in come the Google account you’ll use through your new Android phone.Switch the Contacts toggle on.Hit Save.Now contacts will immediately sync from her iPhone to Google Contacts. In turn, castle will tambahan sync to your Android device.

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How to menangkal calendar from iphone phone to Android


How to mengalihkan iCloud calendar come Google Calendar:

On your iPhone, go toSettings.SelectPasswords & Accounts.SelectGmailif present, otherwise selectAdd Accountto add your Google account.In theGmailsection, make certain theCalendarstoggle is switched ~ above (green).This will sync all your calendars automatically. Done!

How to mengalihkan calendar entries manually:

On her iPhone, walk to her Settings app and tap your profile at the top.Tap iCloud and toggle top top Calendars. Your iPhone will currently sync your local calendar files to iCloud.Use a terbawa to accessiCloud.com and log in through your iCloud account.Click the Calendar icon to open the Calendar interface.On the left pane, click the Share Calendarbutton beside the calendar that you want to export.In the popup balloon, mite Public Calendar and copy the sharing URL that shows up below it.On a new web terbawa tab or window, paste the duplicated URL.Change webcal in the URL to http and tekan the Enter key to open the address. Her Web cari will download a document with random characters as a document name. This file is actually a copy of her iCloud Calendar entries.Save the paper to a convenient folder on her computer. You may rename the record for convenience and add the .ics extension (e.g., calendar.ics).On the left pane that the Google Calendar interface, click the plus button come the right of other Calendars and also select Import.Select the exported calendar file that you downloaded from iCloud. You can tambahan choose the destination Google calendar (if friend have more than one) in the very same dialog.Click the Import button come upload the file. Once importing is finished, you have to see the imported entries in the Google Calendar net interface. The new entries will juga be synced to her Android device.

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