hamon-design.com is a smart first choice for any student, whether you plan to lớn transfer khổng lồ a four-year university or gain the skills và training needed khổng lồ go directly into the workforce.

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hamon-design.com has an outstanding record of academic chất lượng, offering a bachelor's degree, associate's degree programs, certificates and training & technical programs.

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About hamon-design.com

hamon-design.com is one of the largest community colleges in Texas, with 306 full-time faculty members & 248 part-time faculty members, & nearly 13,000 students enrolled.

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Campus Life

hamon-design.com provides a full college experience – we offer opportunities & programs that add to lớn your involvement outside the classroom.

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Continuing Studies

The School of Continuing Studies seeks to provide lifelong learning for people of all ages to lớn develop personal and professional potential, tăng cấp job-related skills & prepare for informed participation in the civic, cultural and political life of the community.

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60-year-old oak trees và historic buildings are part of daily life here on hamon-design.com’s big, beautiful campus.

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COVID-19 Updates

hamon-design.com will continue lớn monitor the COVID-19 situation very closely và will adapt policies và procedures as necessary khổng lồ keep our students, employees và campus safe and healthy.

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Degree và Certificate Pathways

Unsure of what to choose for a major? That's ok! Pathways help you find a direction without getting too specific. Start taking courses that work towards your broad goal while figuring out what you would like to specialize in.


Want to make a difference through medical care? Does the human body toàn thân intrigue you? If so, the Healthcare Professions Pathway could be for you.

Are you naturally good with your hands? Are you constantly working on a DIY project? If so, the Manufacturing, Transportation & Industry Pathway could be right for you.

Are you full of innovative sầu ideas? Are you driven khổng lồ find money-making solutions to lớn everyday problems? If so, the Business và Entrepreneurship Pathway could be right for you.

Do you dream of a world where people are không lấy phí from addictions? Do you connect with kids and enjoy helping them learn new skills? If so, the Public Service Pathway could be right for you.

Do you dream of running an art studio? Do people tell you that you have sầu a way with words? If so, the Creative sầu & Communication Arts Pathway could be right for you.

Are you strong in math or science? Do you always wonder how things work? Do people come lớn you when they have sầu a question about technology? If so, the Science và Technology Pathway could be right for you.