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Satu di antaranya dengan mengirimkan ucapan selamat five Baru Islam interleaved dengan prasasti mutiara sambut 1 Muharram 1440 H.

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- may peace and also blessings the Almighty Allah be v you this tahun and always! senang New Year, 1440 Hijri. Remember me in your prayers.

- i wish you the “ISLAMIC YEAR”. Happy new “ISLAMIC year 1440 HIJRI

- Flowerful Morning.Colourful Noon.Joyful EveningPeaceful NightWish u a Fantastic tahun ahead..!!"Happy islam New year !!!".

- Let united state remember Allah’s Messenger’s Hijrah from Makkah come Medina, and the transformation of Yasrib into Medina.Let united state reminisce about Hijrah, the an excellent milestone in the islam cause.Let united state remember Umar’s fostering of Hijrah as the beginning of the islam calendar.And let us remember the the actual Hijrah this particular day is come emigrate indigenous evil that is forbidden indigenous Allah and His Messenger.On the note, ns pray come the Almighty Lord that our new hijri tahun which beginning on Tuesday may bring great things.

- Wishing you and your family brand-new Year full of peace, happiness and also abundance of all.May Allah bless you v out the new year. Senang Hijri tahun Again!

- together the new tahun renews all the joy and good tidings, mengharapkan the joyful soul keeps glow in her heart forever! happy New islamic Year!

- might all the praises and thanks it is in to Allah.To whom belongs all that is in heavens & in the earth.Have a blessed Muharram!

- ~ above the auspicious job of Muharram, may Allah bless you with health, wealth, peace and happiness!

- let us believe in the messenger that Allah and also follow the light which has actually been sent down with Him. Have a blessed Muharram…

- A very happy Islamic New year to you and and your family!

- terakhir year is for "MEMORIES"..Next tahun is a "IMAGINATION"..ButThis tahun is "GOD"s GIFT"..wish u a an extremely "HappyMuharram"Hijri 1440

- Hijri 1440, another New year in our Life. Begin to purify ours hearts withThasbeeh,Thahmeeth & Thahleel every day until finish of our life.I do du"a for u & ur family in this very first day."Have a senang Muharram"

- brand-new Day..New Hopes..New Plans..New Efforts..

I Pray Allah to give u a successful life.Have a "HAPPY MUHARRAM" Hijri-1440

- Wishing girlfriend & your family…New Year jenuh of peace, happiness and abundance of all…May Allah bless you throughout the new yearMuharram Mubarak!

- Something deserve to be left undoneSome words can be left unsaidSome feelings have the right to ben left unexpressedBut someone choose you can never be leftI wish you happy new year 1440 H

- happy Muharram 1440 H. Might your new tahun be filled with peace, happiness, and also joy.

- Blessed Muharram greetings 1440 H to you. Might the new tahun furnish you v deeper faith, increase commitment because that amal ibadah and taqwa towards Allah’s might Allah’s continues to bless your family and also you in every your initiatives and an excellent deeds. Happy Muharram 1440 H!

- The new tahun washed the old yearAfter gift forgivendon"t make same sinStart the new tahun 2018/2019 v the aim of getting magnificent blessingWelcome good Muharam

- numerous problems from a storyNobody can gain away native usEven though every little thing has gone wrongAllow come ask for pleasureJust apologize because that allOver all wrongs and prayersIslamic New year 1440 H

- happy Islamic brand-new YearHopefully this year we can lebih-lebih lagi strengthen ours Islam.Getting closer to God

- The beauty beauty of the month of Muharram 1440 H, hope illuminating our kehidupan to selalu worship Allah

- In praying much more reward, if that is lugged out in congregation, i say with joy, happy Hijri New tahun 1440 H.

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- Prepare yourself through the provision of piety too as mungkin preparation and provision. Wish you senang new year 1440 H.(*)