I. ~ selected your own architecture of ring, the is essential to know the ring size which fits your finger. In the following, we carry out one of the methods and also tools hamon-design.come measure your ring size.

Measurement steps:

Prepare the present ring i beg your pardon fits your finger.Print the circle table listed below in the specific size.Place your ring over the circle table until you discover the one the is suitable withthe within edge that the ring, juga you might measure the ring diameter to have actually an accurateresult.(i.e. Measure of inside diameter the ring)

Ring dimension measurement graph (in Hong Kong size)

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Convert table the ring size

There is several berbeda ring dimension systems tangan kedua worldwide.

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However, hamon-design.hamon-design.com is melihat the Hong Kong measurement device to mendefinisikan the dimension of ring. Thus, in the hamon-design.complying with we carry out a table convert berbeda ring size right into Hong Kong size.

Ring dimension Chart

Inter- Diameter(mm)Hong KongSizeAmericanSizeUnited KingdomSizeJapanSizeSwitzerlandSize
14.373.25F 1/255.25
15.7115J 1/299.5
16.1125.5K 1/21010.5
16.5136L 1/21112.75
17.3167N 1/21415.25
17.7177.5O 1/21516.5
18.2188P 1/216.2518.25
18.5198.5Q 1/21718.75
19.4229.5S 1/21920.75
19.82310T 1/22021.75
20.22410.5U 1/22222.75
20.62511V 1/22324.75
21.02611.5W 1/22426.25
22.02912.5Z 1/226.529