Indonesia is an archipelagic country. An ext than 17,500 kepulauan spread from barat to east and tambahan more than 1,340 people in Indonesia. Indonesia is well-off in arts and society intertwined with religion and old traditions, tho survives until today in harmony. I invite friends native Indonesia to introduce milik mereka traditions and cultures come Steemians about the dunia in the #culturevulture. Many thanks to
eroche together the person who started #culturevulture in stimulate for united state to share in the beauty, beauty of tradition and also togetherness through our respective cultures.

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Well, I present "Javanese Wedding Procession" to every friends.Javanese culture is among the cultures owned through Indonesia i m sorry in that is traditions have the values of nobility and cultural wisdom the characterizes the Javanese society. Legacy in Javanese culture has a philosophical meaning and also meaning. Similarly, the procession and procedure of classic Javanese wedding is full of meaning and viewpoint which when studied and explored will provide the impression the unique, sacred and solemn while run and among the heritage is the tradition of pertemuan Manten/Panggih (means meeting).Before the temu Manten/Panggih or meeting procession there were actually 4 pre-marriage processions to be excellent in Javanese culture sebagai as:

Siraman is obtained from Javanese indigenous "Siram" which method bathing. The Siraman in this ritual intends to cleanse (their tubuh manusia and soul). The Siraman ceremony is normally the day sebelum the Ijab ritual. In this ritual the number of orang who offer Siraman is usually limited to seven which is normally done through member of family.

**2. Midodareni or Goddess**

Midodareni or "Widodari" an interpretation Goddess. This procession was performed on the night before the wedding, to plan to do the bride be as beautiful together the goddess. The bride and also groom are required to it is in in the room native 18:00 pm to the midnight, add by some elderly females who provide useful advice about life. The Midodareni procession is a very important minute for both parents of the bride, dari it is as soon as the bride"s parents have dinner with anda daughter for the terakhir time due to the fact that she will certainly be take away by she husband in the lanjut day.

Peningset or Srah-srahan is acquired from Javanese word "singset" meaning (tie up). This procession is typically done after ~ Midodareni. In this procession, the groom"s family visits the bride"s family and also brings part presents sebagai as untuk mengatakan Ayu (beautiful betel leaf), different batik cloths, different kebaya and makeup, a white waist sash because that women and also a pair that rings. The groom is forbidden come visit the bride in the wedding room. The groom that came with his household was not enabled to enter the bride"s house. They should sit top top the veranda of the home accompanied by some friends and also relatives, not enabled to eat until midnight. After his family leaves home, the groom is allowed to enter the bridal house, but not in the bridal suite.

**4. Ijab**

Ijab ceremony i think nearly has similarity in every society in Indonesia due to the fact that this procession is a need to legalize marriage and its implementation in accordance with the couple"s religion. In Javanese tradition in place Ijab placed a Sajen (offerings).

Panggih/The Meeting
Ok girlfriend, lastly we pertained to the key topic of mine blog in the legacy of Javanese traditional wedding. Panggih or the Meetings, is the moment of the bride and also groom and finally meet each other. This consciousness is accompanied by the sound of Gamelan and is in prior of the bride"s house. Together for some processions in this Panggih ritual such as:

* ***Balangan Suruh***

The bride is accompanied by 2 women, walking the end of the bridal room followed by her parents and close loved ones behind her. The groom and also the bride approached for around three meters and when they had confronted each various other they started to throw seven packages of betel leaf and lime bound with white thread.

Wiji Dadi
The bridegroom damaged the chicken egg v his best foot and kemudian the bride wash his feet with water blended with some sort of flower. This procession has actually the definition that the groom is ready to ini adalah a father and tambahan as head of the family ketika the bride must be faithful to offer her husband and family.

* ***Kacar Kucur***

With the membantu of Pemaes (the person who leads the entirety Javanese wedding ceremony), couples hug each various other with anda little finger to the ritual. In the ritual ar the groom provides several soybeans, peanuts, corn, yellow rice, spices, flowers, and also coins with berbeda grades top top the bride. The is, the the husband must offer all his revenue to his wife, and also that the bride should be a great and caring housewife.

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* ***Dhahar Klimah/Kembul***

Bridal couples feed each other. Pemaes give a plate to the bride through yellow rice, fried eggs, soybeans, tempeh, and also fried meat ketika the groom feeds three waktu with her right hand come the bride. ~ the bride eats, therefore the bride will take turns feeding the groom. Then, lock drank sweet tea together.

* ***Sungkeman***And we come to the last procession dubbed Sungkeman, is a procession in i m sorry the pair asks for blessing on dari mereka parents: very first from the parents of the bride and kelanjutan to the groom"s parents.!(

After the entirety procession is completed, usually complied with by a wedding reception. Javanese wedding ceremonies and also like other classic wedding rituals anywhere, absolutely feels so special. The wedding procession is a very sacred minute when two different setiap orang from two berbeda families room bound in marital relationship bonds and are tambahan a new panggung in the couple"s life. V all the rituals and also ceremonies of marriage in Javanese heritage like this is one means the Javanese preserve the society and hopefully ns can tambahan immediately carry out my own marriage..hurrayy. Amen.***Thank you because that seeing and also reading my blog, hopefully my blog provides useful information to your friends all wherever girlfriend are. Regards