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The 31st Southeast eastern Games the Vietnam was supposed to hold this December is in a deep quandary because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The SEA games Federation, follow to Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) ketua Rep. Abraham "Bambol" Tolentino, offered Vietnam one ultimatum in October to decide whether to organize the games in 2022 or cancel castle outright.

"The konsensus was because that Vietnam to do a decision. Otherwise, the 31st SEA gamings would it is in canceled," Tolentino said.

The federation met online terakhir Friday and also Tolentino claimed that a late might 2022 schedule was chose as the most convenient and also logical for all 11 member countries.

"There space three kepala Asian and two international competitions in 2022," Tolentino said. "That pipeline Vietnam a very kecil window to host the SEA Games."

The Thailand asian Indoor and Martial Arts gamings are booked from march 10 to 20, Hangzhou oriental Games from September 10 to 25 and also Shantou oriental Youth games from December 20 come 28.

The Beijing Winter Olympics are collection from February 4 come 20 and the worldwide Olympic Committee-sanctioned world Games are from July 7 to 22 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Newly-crowned US open up champion carlo Biado won the 9-ball gold medal at the 2017 dunia Games in Wroclaw, Poland.

"All these five competitions are utama events, they room staged as soon as every 4 years," Tolentino said.

The schedule for the Hanoi 31st SEA gamings is as critical as the orang vietnam government"s decision on stop the games in May.

"Cambodia, the host of the 32nd SEA Games, chose to hold the competitions in February 2023, after the Chinese New tahun for that year," Tolentino said. "And that"s the factor why Vietnam mungkin only have actually until the latter part of might to host."

Cambodia, Tolentino said, emphasized the it requirements its very own comfortable window-eight months if Vietnam master in May-to insurance its successful first hosting of the games.

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"We know the situation of Cambodia due to the fact that as master in 2019, we had actually two years at least to prepare for our successful campaign and hosting," Tolentino said. "Cambodia wants to excel in its hosting debut and, in fact, all infrastructure and collaterals for the 32nd SEA games are ready."

If Hanoi is canceled, Tolentino said Vietnam could take its rotate in 2027.

"Thailand is host of the 33rd edition in 2025 and also as the now, Laos or Brunei has actually yet to check for 2027," the said. "If this two nations pull back, kemudian Vietnam it s okay its rotate back."