Medan is the funding city of utara Sumatera and is among the 4 main urban in Indonesia with the various other 3 urban being Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar. The city has actually a populace of end 2.2 million setiap orang and is a liven trading city bersama the Strait of Malacca. What are the things to carry out in Medan Indonesia?

Medan is very much a regional hub and because it is a trading city that is very much a multicultural city. In Medan, you deserve to visit museums, see historical buildings, gain the neighborhood food, visit Toba Lake, and more. Medan is popular in Indonesia despite this kebenaran it is no as well known as Bali or other areas in Indonesia.

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In this post, we will certainly go through points to carry out in Medan Indonesia. Therefore let’s get started!

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Is Medan Indonesia precious Visiting?

Medan is no a place tourists normally visit when traveling to Indonesia as Bali is wherein they go. Medan is worth visiting if you room interested in enjoying the local food and also visiting museums, the more social things. Yet if the is to party kemudian no together it is definitely not a party town.

Is Medan Indonesia safe To Visit?

Yes, Medan is safe yet safe melakukan not typical zero crime. Friend do need to use an easy common sense. Merely Indonesia is not a wealthy negara so perform not lug all your money about with you and also keep it in your hotel safe. Perform not be flash through your money either.

Muggers and pickpockets are a utama problem in Indonesia and also Medan is no exception. Ignore anyone that is too many friendly through you, hanya smile and also keep walking.

You do should be aware of the crazy driving, manholes top top sidewalks, open sewage, and also the fumes from all the cars, mopeds, and bentors.

Things To execute In Medan Indonesia

Medan is the largest city the the Indonesian province of north Sumatra and also is one of the four main cities in Indonesia. There are plenty of landmarks around the city. There are fun points to perform in Medan that will save you liven for a couple of days.

Here are few of the finest things to perform in Medan Indonesia.

Rent A Bentor

Bentor is a form of publik transportation that provides a motorbike prefer a pedicab which is commonly tangan kedua in north Sumatra. Friend can uncover this sort of pedicab in every edge of the city.


The mosque is made through beautifully designed marble, stained glass windows, and an immaculate octagonal design. This is a good place come visit for a cultural insight right into Medans background and architecture.

Expect come spend about IDR 10,000 because that a visit and also there is also a warna kuning muda for the rakyat who look at after her shoes.

Visit The Museum Of north Sumatra

The Museum of phia băc Sumatra is taken into consideration the ideal museum in the city and also a must-see or points to perform in Medan if you desire to learn more about the background and culture of the province.

At the museum, you will find galleries the tell the story of the berbeda periods of north Sumatran history and untuk mengambil you through the Hindu, Buddhist, and also Muslim eras and also the belanda colonial period.

Trekking In Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is an rakyat Utan conservation area that is located in Langkat Regency, phia băc Sumatera. If you desire to check out the real rakyat Utan, kemudian you deserve to visit Bukit Lawang. It bawa pulang three hours from Medan so you can reach this landmark anyway.

You tambahan do not must worry due to the fact that there space so countless tourists who visit this ar every day and there are juga some guides that are ready to bawa pulang you come Bukit Lawang.

Visit Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

If you gain waterfalls, kemudian the Sipiso-Piso waterfall can be precious a visit. This is tambahan known together the highest possible waterfall in Indonesia the is precious visiting. You can enjoy the beauty, beauty of the waterfall along with the check out of Toba Lake.

Enjoy Toba Lake

If you desire to see among the best lakes on earth, kemudian you might only check out it in phia băc Sumatera, Indonesia. As soon as you visit Medan, it will be perfect if you visit Toba danau to gain its wonderful view and also greatness.

Toba danau was well-known as the biggest gunung berapi on earth yet now the has menjadi a great danau with an island in the tengah of the lake. Numerous visitors involved Medan because they desire to check out this beautiful and amazing lake.

If you want to get there, it ambil 4 hours from Medan and you can stay in Toba danau by renting a villa or a hotel available.

What come Buy In Medan Indonesia?

Medan is quite well known for its food. If girlfriend visit Medan, over there are countless kinds of neighborhood food which are worth trying. Di sini is a perform of just a few to try, there space loads much more that I bisa mention.

Bika Ambon.Lapis Legit.Bolu Gulung Meranti.Durian Fruit.Durian Pancakes.

Also, there is untuk ulon cloth. Ulos cloth is a spesial fabric as well as the proud of the orang of utara Sumatra. This towel must be used in a selection of spesial occasions varying from weddings, funerals to welcoming guests.

Where To stay In Medan Indonesia?

Medan has loads of guest houses, hostels, and also hotels. Di sini are a few places to check out and also give you an idea of maafkan saya is accessible around Medan Indonesia.

Remember to examine the reviews and also book a place that suits your interests kapan traveling.

MM Capsule Hostel MedanRating 8.9, Prices mulailah from $9 because that bed in a 10-bed dormitory

This hostel come with free WiFi and a garden. Specific rooms encompass a kitchenette v a microwave, a toaster, and a fridge.

Hotel deli River and also Restaurant OmlandiaRating 8.9, dobel rooms starts from $50

Hotel deli River is surrounding by tropic greenery and natural landscapes. Overlooking the Sumatran Jungle, it juga offers totally free Wi-Fi access. Rooms at delhi River room spacious and also well-equipped through air conditioning and also a personal bathroom.

JW Marriott Hotel MedanRating 8.7, dobel rooms starts from $62

JW Marriott Hotel Medan uses air-conditioned accommodation v flat-screen cable TVs. It attributes an outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center, and also a spa.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Medan is very much a local hub and also because the is a trade city that is very much a multicultural city. As soon as in Medan you can visit museums, see historical buildings, enjoy the regional food, visit Toba Lake, and also more. Together a party city, the is absolutely not a party city.

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And it is it for now! I’d love to know if this overview on the things to do in Medan has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and also let me understand if over there is much more to add.